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Twitter Tool Tuesday – Doesfollow

Doesfollow lets you see who’s following who on Twitter.

To use the tool you simply key a pair of Twitter handles into the search boxes and click the “Check” button. Within seconds you get a “Yup” or “Nope” depending on whether the account of the handle you entered in the left box, is following the account of the handle you entered in the right box. There are also buttons to “Clear” or “Swap” the handles you enter.

For the more mischievous, there’s an “Insults” version of the tool which displays slightly more amusing messages than the standard “Yup” or “Nope”, after you click the “Check button”.

Although it doesn’t take itself too seriously, Doesfollow is actually quite a good tool for things where it can be useful to be aware of connections, such as new business prospecting and competitor research.

Try it for yourself here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Linqto

In their own words, Linqto is a ‘many to many’ live online platform.

Subscribers to the service receive their own individually branded Facebook app with landing page for navigation and viral news feed features. The landing page includes a Facebook discussion board, personalised posts for status updates, auto posting to timeline, a widget for users to test their webcam before entering your room, links to your blog and links to recordings of previous sessions.

In terms of functionality, the Linqto app allows you to carry out all key tasks, such as scheduling events and inviting participants to your ‘discussion room’. Discussions can occur in video, audio or text format, with the ability to show slides, images, and video clips. In total, discussion rooms have a capacity for up to 300 participants.

Business-wise, Linqto is a great solution for things such as webinars, product demonstrations and virtual conferencing/meetings.

Find out more about Linqto here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Treegger

Treegger allows Twitter users to chat in real time using XMPP clients such as iChat and Trillian.

Messages exchanged during conversation are not saved on the web or anywhere else.

Only bidirectional relationships are displayed as chat friends i.e. people you follow who have reciprocated.

If you only have a handful of bidirectional relationships Treegger can be a useful alternative to DM’s; however if your into the 1000s it’s a bit impractical.

Find out more about Treegger here.

Facebook Friday App Review – UserEcho

UserEcho is a CRM service that lets you gain feedback from customers regarding your products/services.

It works by allowing you to create your own communication micro site, which serves as a place you can send customers to obtain the information they need. UserEcho also provide links, which can be placed on your website, blog, Facebook page etc in order to direct customers and visitors to your feedback gathering micro site.

The service makes it easy to respond to customers by grouping together repeat feedback requests. There’s also a tagging function that enables you to organise feedback yourself and create categories. Additionally, customers also have the ability to vote on other customer’s feedback, a feature that’s really handy for gauging customer sentiment.

In terms of its look and feel, the service is well designed and highly intuitive. You certainly don’t need any sort of extensive training or technical background to get to grips with its interface. What’s instantly apparent is the level of organisation, which makes it really easy to prioritise the feedback you respond to.

All-in-all, UserEcho is a good solution for handling customer feedback, and with prices ranging from only $15 to $256 per month it’s an economical alternative to building your own support/feedback tool.

Find out more about UserEcho here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Review’d

Review’d is a solution for finding out what people on Twitter ‘really’ thing about your brand. It uses scientific linguistic and psychological behavioural analysis techniques to quantify and rate brand sentiment. Review’d can also be used to search for and respond to Twitter conversations, making it a great tool for engaging with customers and improving service levels.

Find out more about Review’d here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Showcase

Showcase lets you display dynamic and compelling images on your Facebook page without the need for any technical expertise. With its simple drag and drop functionality you can promote products, services, sales etc in just a few clicks of mouse.

The apps’ interface is only viewable by page admins, so fans only ever see published content. There’s also a function that lets you restrict the ability to view your page to “Facebook fans only”, encouraging users to “Like” your page so they can see what you’ve got to say.

If your product or service is highly visual and you have little to no knowledge of coding, Showcase is a great way to show off your wares without having to learn HTML.

It currently cost $9.99 per month and there’s a Free 14 Day Trial.

Find out more about Showcase here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a data collection aggregation solution with analytics thrown in for (no pun intended) good measure. There are quite a few differences when you compare it with other social media analytics platforms. Users can define their own metrics to be in line with their KPI’s and there’s a greater focus on understanding the data and what it means, which makes it great for spotting correlations and such. Data downloading is also flexible with users able to export their results using Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

All-in-all if you’re really looking to get to the meat of how people are responding to your social media activities, this is a great solution.

Find out more here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Ecwid

Ecwid provide a range of fully hosted shopping cart solutions for eCommerce businesses including a free app for Facebook Pages.

The app syncs with your main Ecwid store, meaning changes you make via the Ecwid control panel get mirrored on your Facebook store in an instant.

Plenty of payment gateways are supported including major credit/debit cards and PayPal. There’s also an impressive array of shipping options such as FedEx, DHL and UPS.

If you have international customers you’ll be pleased to know that the app as over 40 storefront translations, allowing visitors to Facebook store to checkout in their native tongue.

All-in-all Ecwid is solid eCommerce solution for Facebook Pages. Although it can be a little annoying having to log in to the Ecwid platform in order to make changes to your store, it does allow you to add more detail than other Facebook eCommerce solutions.

Find out more about Ecwid here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Get Satisfaction

The Get Satisfaction app for lets your fans post feedback, questions, ideas, reviews etc to your Facebook Page.

One of the best things about this app is the way it deals with questions from fans. If someone posts a news question, it will first check to see if anyone else has posted a similar question before creating a new topic. This is a real time saver for customer service teams using the app.

All correspondences are saved to the Get Satisfaction servers for easy retrieval. There’s also an analytics package and a facility for adding banner graphics to promote your brand.

All-in-all it’s a great app for soliciting feedback. Prices range from $19 to $99 per month.

Find out more here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Brandfluencers

Brandfluencers is a free tool that connects with your Google analytics account to help you identify which of your Twitter followers are most influential and driving the most traffic to your website.

To set up the tool you simply click the orange “Try now” button on the homepage and allow it access to your account. Once you’ve done this, its intuitive dashboard lets you view your biggest traffic driving followers (in order of traffic driven) as well as all the info you need to target these followers, such as their name, Twitter handle, number of followers and number of tweets.

Overall, it’s a great tool for identifying audience members you should be engaging with to try and spread word about your brand/product/service etc.

Try it for yourself here.