5 great uses of MySpace

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MySpace is an interactive social networking website. Users can blog, create personal profiles, join groups and share photos/videos.

In no particular order, here are 5 great uses of MySpace.

1)    Self Promotion

Musicians profile pages are often teeming with MP3’s that can be listened to for free by other MySpace users. MySpace is particularly good for finding the works of aspiring young musicians many of whom use the network as a way to promote themselves and their music. Lily Allen is probably one of the best known examples of a musician gaining fame through MySpace.

2)    Business Promotion

Each MySpace page has its own unique URL, just like a full scale website. Users can customise their pages by editing their HTML source code. Many budding entrepreneurs are capitalising on these features by turning their pages into promotional vehicles for their business ventures.

3)    Data Collection

Advertisers are using the data inputted by MySpace users to create dynamic ad content that is relevant to specific user demographics. Some members of MySpace collect data on each person that visits their page and then use this data to build their email list.

4)    Recruitment

Some companies are encouraging employees to set up business based MySpace pages, and make friends with like minded MySpace users, so that they can search their friend lists for potential recruits whenever there are job vacancies.

5)    News & Alerts

Like Facebook, MySpace features a number of really useful news/alert applications. A great example is an application created by in the by the Department of Homeland Security, which gives US MySpace users natural disaster warnings.

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