Facebook Friday App Review – Linqto

In their own words, Linqto is a ‘many to many’ live online platform.

Subscribers to the service receive their own individually branded Facebook app with landing page for navigation and viral news feed features. The landing page includes a Facebook discussion board, personalised posts for status updates, auto posting to timeline, a widget for users to test their webcam before entering your room, links to your blog and links to recordings of previous sessions.

In terms of functionality, the Linqto app allows you to carry out all key tasks, such as scheduling events and inviting participants to your ‘discussion room’. Discussions can occur in video, audio or text format, with the ability to show slides, images, and video clips. In total, discussion rooms have a capacity for up to 300 participants.

Business-wise, Linqto is a great solution for things such as webinars, product demonstrations and virtual conferencing/meetings.

Find out more about Linqto here.

Facebook Friday App Review – UserEcho

UserEcho is a CRM service that lets you gain feedback from customers regarding your products/services.

It works by allowing you to create your own communication micro site, which serves as a place you can send customers to obtain the information they need. UserEcho also provide links, which can be placed on your website, blog, Facebook page etc in order to direct customers and visitors to your feedback gathering micro site.

The service makes it easy to respond to customers by grouping together repeat feedback requests. There’s also a tagging function that enables you to organise feedback yourself and create categories. Additionally, customers also have the ability to vote on other customer’s feedback, a feature that’s really handy for gauging customer sentiment.

In terms of its look and feel, the service is well designed and highly intuitive. You certainly don’t need any sort of extensive training or technical background to get to grips with its interface. What’s instantly apparent is the level of organisation, which makes it really easy to prioritise the feedback you respond to.

All-in-all, UserEcho is a good solution for handling customer feedback, and with prices ranging from only $15 to $256 per month it’s an economical alternative to building your own support/feedback tool.

Find out more about UserEcho here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Showcase

Showcase lets you display dynamic and compelling images on your Facebook page without the need for any technical expertise. With its simple drag and drop functionality you can promote products, services, sales etc in just a few clicks of mouse.

The apps’ interface is only viewable by page admins, so fans only ever see published content. There’s also a function that lets you restrict the ability to view your page to “Facebook fans only”, encouraging users to “Like” your page so they can see what you’ve got to say.

If your product or service is highly visual and you have little to no knowledge of coding, Showcase is a great way to show off your wares without having to learn HTML.

It currently cost $9.99 per month and there’s a Free 14 Day Trial.

Find out more about Showcase here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Ecwid

Ecwid provide a range of fully hosted shopping cart solutions for eCommerce businesses including a free app for Facebook Pages.

The app syncs with your main Ecwid store, meaning changes you make via the Ecwid control panel get mirrored on your Facebook store in an instant.

Plenty of payment gateways are supported including major credit/debit cards and PayPal. There’s also an impressive array of shipping options such as FedEx, DHL and UPS.

If you have international customers you’ll be pleased to know that the app as over 40 storefront translations, allowing visitors to Facebook store to checkout in their native tongue.

All-in-all Ecwid is solid eCommerce solution for Facebook Pages. Although it can be a little annoying having to log in to the Ecwid platform in order to make changes to your store, it does allow you to add more detail than other Facebook eCommerce solutions.

Find out more about Ecwid here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Get Satisfaction

The Get Satisfaction app for lets your fans post feedback, questions, ideas, reviews etc to your Facebook Page.

One of the best things about this app is the way it deals with questions from fans. If someone posts a news question, it will first check to see if anyone else has posted a similar question before creating a new topic. This is a real time saver for customer service teams using the app.

All correspondences are saved to the Get Satisfaction servers for easy retrieval. There’s also an analytics package and a facility for adding banner graphics to promote your brand.

All-in-all it’s a great app for soliciting feedback. Prices range from $19 to $99 per month.

Find out more here.

Facebook Friday App Review – TabJuice

TabJuice is a free application that helps you monetise your Facebook fan base by adding an ecommerce platform to your Facebook page. It’s highly intuitive interface means you can have your very own custom branded Facebook store up and running in no time at all.

You don’t actually need an existing online store to use TabJuice since everything needed for eCommerce is built in. There’s functionality to run special offers for specific dates/times, plus there are options to allow fans to leave comments and reviews on your products/services.

One of the best things about TabJuice is that it’s fully compatible with iFrames, which allows for greater flexibility in page design. Another good thing about TabJuice is that it doesn’t publicise connections between storefronts and personal profiles. This is great if you’re a one-man-band and don’t want to give that fact away.

All-in-all, TabJuice is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to easily integrate a storefront into their Facebook page.

Try it for yourself here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Storefront

Storefront is another solution that lets you share products on your Facebook page.

Like similar tools, storefront lets you assign categories to your products; however its most unique feature is the ability to add customer banners to your page. This is really good for branding and making the most of highly visual products.

One of the tools major drawbacks when you compare it to other ecommerce services such as Payvment, is that it doesn’t allow users to add products to the basket in one storefront and checkout on another.

With free solutions such as Payvment available, it does call into question whether Storefront is actually worth $9.95 per month. If you’re looking to emphasise your brand first and foremost, then perhaps it is.

Find out more about Storefront here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Social Candy

Social Candy enables admins to quickly and easily create personalised welcome pages.

To create a page you simply choose one of 6 templates and then start adding your content.

You can add multiple items to your Facebook Page including events, Google Base RSS feeds and videos. So you’re able to craft a page that best fits your needs. The ability to add a Google Base feed is particularly handy if you operate an ecommerce site.

Social Candy can be tested for free with their creation process trial. Paid packages range from $19.99/month to $29.99/month.

Try it for yourself here.

Facebook Friday App Review – MarketPage

MarketPage lets you create your own marketplace on Facebook enabling your visitors and fans to buy items directly from your Facebook Page. You can sell your own items and/or invite other people to sell on your MarketPage.

Not only can you make money by selling your own products, you can also make money via other sellers by charging them listing and/or transaction fees.

The app is currently available by “invite only”. Once you receive your invite, you simply install the app and you’re away.

Overall, it’s a great way cultivate an online community around your products and services.

Register for an invite here.

Facebook Friday App Review – MailChimp

MailChimp’s Facebook app enables you to grow your email list via Facebook.

Facebook users who sign up to the app are automatically added to a lists you’ve designated. They then receive a confirmation email from MailChimp asking them to confirm that they definitely want to be on your list. Any data you gather can be downloaded as a CSV file.

The app is highly customisable, however everything needs to be done via the MailChimp platform so you’ve got to have an account before signing up for the app. Prices run from free to $240/month.

If you already use MailChimp and you have a Facebook Page why not marry the two with this app and start growing your email data?