Facebook Friday App Review – Tabmaker RSS

Tabmaker RSS is a free, easy to use app from 247GRAD that allows you to share your RSS feed on your Facebook Page by importing content directly from your blog.

The app lets you customise the number of posts imported from your blog. You can also choose whether or not to show images and channel info. Plus you can provide like and send buttons to encourage fan engagement. Additionally, there are options for customising headers, footers, text and background.

All-in-all this app is a great way to have your blogs posted automatically to your Facebook Page.

Facebook Friday App Review – TabCreator Video Competition

TabCreator Video Competition lets you to display two videos on your Facebook page and start a poll between them. You can choose between two existing You Tube Videos, or if you’re really adventurous, submit your own.

The app includes options to enable a ‘recommend’ button and comments. It also allows users to create custom image headers and custom texts for display above the videos.

All-in-all, TabCreator Video Competition is great way to engage with your fans and solicit feedback from them. After all, who can resist being involved in a popularity contest?

Try it for free here!

Facebook Friday App Review – Group Deals

The Group Deals app from Woobox enables users to create free and paid deals that require a certain number of people before they go live. Payments can be made via PayPal and there’s also a facility to issue one per person, single use voucher codes that are fully trackable.

When it comes to marketing, Group Deals has numerous features that can be implemented in a campaign. Users can restrict deals to “fans” and/or specific social networks. They can also set requirements for people to meet before they can claim a deal such as X number of shares with friends.

The Group Deals app is currently available for $29.99 per month. It’s a great way to increase fans/followers and keep them engaged. It’s also good for viral marketing.

Facebook Friday App Review – Hike Free Video App

The Hike video app lets you replicate YouTube and or Vimeo channel on your Facebook page.

Rather than having to embed videos into your HTML code or copy and paste URLs into your newsfeed, the Hike video app lets you display your videos simply by selecting your video source and inputting your channel name. The videos then show up in a separate tab on your Facebook page for all your fans to see.

The Hike video app also lets your fan-gate your video content so that people have to ‘like’ your page before they can view it. This is great as it has viral marketing benefits and promotes fan interaction with your brand.

You can also sort and categorise your videos as well as display them in their original dimensions (most video apps will only let you display content in a 4:3 or 16:0 aspect ratio).

All-in-all it’s a great app for cutting down the time it takes get videos on your Facebook page. It’s also good for making sure your video content is presented in a fashion hat makes sense to Facebook users.

Try it for yourself. It’s completely Free!

Facebook Friday App Review – Owjo

Owjo enables users to manage multiple storefronts across different social networks via a single interface. Users can also host storefronts on other people’s websites by offering a share of revenue generated.

Its intuitive interface means products can be uploaded and published for sale in only a matter of minutes. There’s even a facility to create product bundles.

Owjo also has things covered in the payment handling department. Those with PayPal/Merchant accounts can link them directly to the app, whilst those without can sign up to Owjo’s very own payment system and start selling straight away.

Overall Owjo is a good solution for anyone looking to start selling on Facebook. It’s free to open a storefront, there’s no contract and you only pay once you start making sales (7% + credit card fees)

Find out more about Owjo here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Jobcast Careers App

If you’re a recruiter or small business owner looking for new staff and you happen to have a Facebook Page, you should take a look at Jobcast.net’s Careers App, which lets you to leverage the power of Facebook to promote job openings.

Its comprehensive backend lets you direct users to apply for jobs directly on your Facebook Page, or they can be linked to a form on your own website. The former of the two is the best option as it gives users a much better experience.

The admin panel is very easy to get to grips with and enables you to posts job listings within minutes. To start with you simply fill in the job title, location and some info about which “category” and “type” your listing falls under. Then you can add a more in-depth description outlining desired/required skills and qualifications for the job. It’s possible to set your account so that all new listings are posted automatically to your Page or personal account. This is a great viral feature and good way to push traffic towards your listings.

Applicants visiting your page can submit their CVs, cover letters and contact info in Word, PDF or Plain Text format. They can also “like” vacancies and share them with friends, which is another great viral feature.

Overall, the Jobcast.net Careers app is great way for employers to promote job openings and accept applications via Facebook, as it’s incredibly easy to use and has some great viral features.

Facebook Friday App Review – OneWay Commerce

OneWay Commerce is an all-in-one e-commerce solution for Facebook Pages. It enables businesses to quickly and easily build a retail experience within a Facebook tab so that customers never need to leave the page.

Using the intuitive dashboard, you can upload custom graphics/banners and edit the details/images for all products. There’s even an option to upload digital items. Viral features such as fan-gating and the ability to add “like” buttons to products are on hand to help increase the likelihood of your products/services being pushed into people newsfeeds.

One of the best things about OneWay Commerce is the ability to pull product info from stock lists you have saved on QuickBooks and Salesforce. This is really handy as it means orders can be sent directly for processing and management.

OneWay Commerce is currently available on a Free 1 month trail. Try it for yourself here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an online ticketing service that lets you create manage and share your own events. The Eventbrite Facebook app allows you to promote a single event, enabling your Facebook fans to learn more about it, share with their network and buy tickets.

Before using the app you need to build your event on the Eventbrite website. Once you’ve done this you simply log into the Facebook app with your account info and pick the event you want to promote on your page.

The app itself is highly intuitive and easy to use. Your event logo from the Eventbrite website is pulled in automatically. Once everything is set up fans can choose their ticket type/quantity on Facebook and then in the click of a button be redirected to Eventbrite to complete their order.

Overall, the Eventbrite app is a great tool for promoting and managing an event. That it lets fans share events is great for viral marketing. It could probably benefit from giving users the ability to comment on events, as positive comments could generate a buzz resulting in more tickets being sold.

Try Eventbrite for yourself here.

Facebook Friday App Review – Payvment Ecommerce Dashboard

The Payvment app combines PayPal’s API with Payment’s shopping basket, allowing you to sell products directly on your Facebook Page, absolutely free of charge.

The app allows you to set up products and assign them to categories. It also lets you upload photos, T&Cs, P&P options and voucher codes. Additionally, you can import entire catalogue lists as CSV files.

One of the best things about the Payvment app is that it’s integrated with all other Payvment stores both on and off Facebook. So if someone adds a product to their basket from your store and then later checks out from another Payvment store, the item from your store will still be in their basket.

Overall, the Payvment app is a great solution for driving sales via Facebook as it functions just like an ecommerce site rather than simply “linking” to one.