Twitter Tool Tuesday – Doesfollow

Doesfollow lets you see who’s following who on Twitter.

To use the tool you simply key a pair of Twitter handles into the search boxes and click the “Check” button. Within seconds you get a “Yup” or “Nope” depending on whether the account of the handle you entered in the left box, is following the account of the handle you entered in the right box. There are also buttons to “Clear” or “Swap” the handles you enter.

For the more mischievous, there’s an “Insults” version of the tool which displays slightly more amusing messages than the standard “Yup” or “Nope”, after you click the “Check button”.

Although it doesn’t take itself too seriously, Doesfollow is actually quite a good tool for things where it can be useful to be aware of connections, such as new business prospecting and competitor research.

Try it for yourself here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Treegger

Treegger allows Twitter users to chat in real time using XMPP clients such as iChat and Trillian.

Messages exchanged during conversation are not saved on the web or anywhere else.

Only bidirectional relationships are displayed as chat friends i.e. people you follow who have reciprocated.

If you only have a handful of bidirectional relationships Treegger can be a useful alternative to DM’s; however if your into the 1000s it’s a bit impractical.

Find out more about Treegger here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Review’d

Review’d is a solution for finding out what people on Twitter ‘really’ thing about your brand. It uses scientific linguistic and psychological behavioural analysis techniques to quantify and rate brand sentiment. Review’d can also be used to search for and respond to Twitter conversations, making it a great tool for engaging with customers and improving service levels.

Find out more about Review’d here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a data collection aggregation solution with analytics thrown in for (no pun intended) good measure. There are quite a few differences when you compare it with other social media analytics platforms. Users can define their own metrics to be in line with their KPI’s and there’s a greater focus on understanding the data and what it means, which makes it great for spotting correlations and such. Data downloading is also flexible with users able to export their results using Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

All-in-all if you’re really looking to get to the meat of how people are responding to your social media activities, this is a great solution.

Find out more here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Brandfluencers

Brandfluencers is a free tool that connects with your Google analytics account to help you identify which of your Twitter followers are most influential and driving the most traffic to your website.

To set up the tool you simply click the orange “Try now” button on the homepage and allow it access to your account. Once you’ve done this, its intuitive dashboard lets you view your biggest traffic driving followers (in order of traffic driven) as well as all the info you need to target these followers, such as their name, Twitter handle, number of followers and number of tweets.

Overall, it’s a great tool for identifying audience members you should be engaging with to try and spread word about your brand/product/service etc.

Try it for yourself here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Tweetree

Tweetree is basically an alternative way to visualise your twitter activity. It presents your twitter stream in a tree format, putting everything into context and therefore in theory making it easier to follow conversations.

The tool also pulls in external contents such as YouTube videos and images from services such as Flickr and TwitPic.

All-in-all it’s a fairly useful tool if you want to view content such as videos and images without having to click through links.

Try Tweetree for yourself here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Zendesk

Zendesk is an online customer service tool designed to help improve customer satisfaction. Its Twitter solution lets you convert service based tweets from customers into Zendesk tickets.

A powerful search facility helps you find the most relevant tweets and there’s a nice feature that lets you break Twitter’s 140 character limit and seamlessly move a conversation over to the Zendesk platform. Additionally, the tool offers full support for Twitter clients such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

All-in-all, Zendesk is a great solution for engaging with consumers via Twitter and being responsive to any of the issues they may have concerning your product or service.

Find out more about Zendesk here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Engage 121

Engage 121 is a social media analytics and engagement tool that enables big brands to monitor the activity of their franchises.

Users can view activity by location as well as create templates for franchises to use on their Twitter account.  These templates can be used to help franchise owners who are less knowledgeable about social media. For instance a user can circulate a Twitter update containing a voucher code or special offer, which franchise owners then have the power to approve or not.

Find out more about Engage 121 here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Upprdwnr

Upprdwnr is service for measuring sentiment on Twitter. It works by asking Twitter users to add specific hastags to their tweets to denote their feelings about a topic. #uppr donates a positive feeling whilst #dwnr denotes a negative feeling.

Overall it’s a novel way to solicit feedback on just about anything. It’s quick, requires little effort from participants and has somewhat of a cool factor in the way it uses hashtags.

Try it here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Clicktotweet

Clicktotweet is a URL generating tool that lets you create custom links to promotional messages of your choosing. Whoever clicks a link you’ve created has your message automatically added to their Twitter status box. All they have to do then is, ‘click to tweet’ it.

It’s a great form of viral advertising as it requires very little effort on the part of your followers to spread your message.

Try it here.