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Fan pages are used by a variety of businesses to establish a presence on Facebook and build a community around their brand. They’re a particularly good option for small to medium sized enterprises looking to gain visibility in the realm of social media as they are completely free and easy to set up. Once up and running they serve as a central place for brand discussion and sharing of user generated content.

Like group pages they include discussion boards, photos and videos. Users can also quickly and easily send messages to fans of their page and unlike groups there is no limit to the number of people you can contact with a single message. This makes fan pages the best way to carry out viral marketing via Facebook.

Facebook users who are fans of particular brands / products / organisations etc can suggest pages to their friends who must then opt in if they too wish to become a fan. This serves as somewhat of a pre-qualifying tool and ensures that people following a brand have at least some interest in it.

Examples of brands/businesses that have good Facebook Fan Pages are:

  • Skittles: 4,296,474 fans
  • Coca Cola: 5,393,713 fans
  • ASOS: 232,698 fans

If you have a business and would like to establish a presence on Facebook click here to look at our guide to Creating a Facebook Fan Page.

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