Facebook Friday – 3 Popular Facebook Apps

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Facebook is full of useful tools which will help you and your business get more out of the social network, called apps. The apps cover all sorts of categories from Business to Games and Friends & Family to Sport.
Here we outline 3 of the most useful apps for your Facebook page – let us know what you think!
  1. Shopping Mall
    Shopping Mall is the tool for you if your company wants to sell it’s products on Facebook. Billed as “Facebook’s #1 e-commerce solution”, Shopping Mall allows you to add a tab to your Facebook page featuring your companies products. This allows your fans to browse your shop without leaving Facebook, and they can even purchase products right on Facebook. See how Adult Swim UK does it here.
  2. Social RSS
    Social RSS allows you to add a blog or a favourite RSS feed to your Facebook page, automatically keeping your fans up to date with your company or organisation’s latest news without you having to post everything in two place. Your readers can even subscribe to the feed through the application. See how Postal Solutions uses it here.
  3. Facebook FBML Tab Maker
    Facebook FBML Tab Maker gives you a blank canvas tab which you can populate with your own FBML (Facebook Mark-up Language) or HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). This is a great tool for any Facebook page as it allows you to create your own content for your Facebook page, one of the most common uses is as a welcome page. Take a look at Pepsi’s welcome page.
Obviously these are just three of 1000s of apps available on Facebook. You can find loads more in the Facebook App Directory, check it out here.
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