Facebook Friday – 5 Powerful Facebook Page Profile Images

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A Facebook Page’s profile picture is, more often than not, simply an image of the company’s logo or product. For example, log on to the Coca-Cola Facebook page and you will be presented with an image of a Coca-Cola bottle.

We are conditioned by magazines, emails, letters to view things in a certain way – from left to right and top to bottom – so, generally, the profile picture of a page is going to be the first thing a user sets their eyes on. All 5 pages below have taken advantage of this and used their profile pictures not just to display their logo or product, but to convey a message.

When you set up your Facebook Page profile image remember you can do more than just a square!



As one of the largest and most recognisable online clothing retailers, ASOS has over 1.1 million fans. Currently in sale, ASOS have chosen to use their profile picture to publicise this.

Assassin’s Creed


Being one of the most successful video game franchises in recent times, the Assassin’s Creed – created by the French video game publisher Ubisoft – has a Facebook following of 2.4 million users. Assassin’s Creed have used their profile picture to advertise their upcoming game, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

The Twilight Saga


The 4th in the series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is due for release next month and as a result The Twilight Saga Facebook page is advertising the release date of 18th November 2011 on it’s profile picture. The film adaptation of the Twilight books has been a great success and their Facebook page boasts over 25 million fans.



Barnardo’s is the UK’s leading children’s charity working with over 100,000 families in over 400 projects addressing issues including homelessness, abuse & disability. Their Facebook page has over 12,000 fans and their profile picture features a young boy holding up a placard emblazoned with their motto – “Believe in Children”.

Boardwalk Empire


One of the most popular shows on TV, Boardwalk Empire is shown on Sky Atlantic in the UK and HBO in America. They use their Facebook page profile picture to advertise the time the programme airs (in the US) as well as publicising their hashtag, helping to drive discussion of the show on Twitter.

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