Facebook Friday App Review – Booshaka

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What is it?
Booshaka is a web service that lets you view trending topics on Facebook. The service is made up of both free and paid for facilities. Free facilities include access to a ‘top fans’ leader board. Paid for facilities include analytics, social rewards, advanced insights and custom solutions.

How does it work?
Booshaka uses an algorithm to sort Facebook search results into trending topics based on the number of people talking about the topic, comments made about it and how recently it started gathering momentum.

Booshaka also categorises trends by broader topics such as news, sport, music, deals, gossip and more, handy if you’re not searching for a specific trending topic.

Getting started
Before doing anything you need to make sure your page has a minimum of 30 fans otherwise the tool won’t work. If/When you’re page has met this criteria, simply go to booshaka.com install the tool and ‘allow’ access to your Facebook page.

Closing Comments
Booshaka’s indexing of trending topics makes it an incredibly easy way to keep an eye on what’s hot on Facebook. The abundance of stats it provides also makes it a useful tool in any Facebook marketing strategy.

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