Facebook Friday App Review – Bulb Storm

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Bulbstorm is an online social network where individuals, experts and companies come together to create ideas and improve products and services. It aims to harness global creativity so that users can gain the feedback and expertise necessary to turn ideas into reality.

I took the website for a test run and found navigation of the site to be highly intuitive. To get started, you post a “bulb”, which is how you showcase the idea you want to “bulbstorm”. Bulbs must include a title, category, type, developmental status and description. Optional extras include keywords, a video link and an image. You can also state whether or not you have ownership of your idea. The more detail you add to your bulb, the easier it is for other users to contribute. Additionally, Bulbstorm allows you to control access to your bulb/idea by adjusting the sharing status. Green is unrestricted, yellow is restricted and “lights out” means your bulb/idea is only viewable by you. There are also non-disclosure agreements available for people who wish to protect their intellectual property rights.

Bulbstorm’s social functions are essential to how it works as they allow you to find/invite friends to your bulbstorm‘s and solicit idea feedback via email, external sites (using widgets) and Facebook. Another way you can solicit feedback is by setting “Bulb Challenges”. Users who rate or contribute to a bulb challenge earn WATT$, (Bulbstorm’s very own currency). They can then use this currency to promote their own bulbs. To maximise challenge feedback, some companies allow users to cash in their WATT$ for actual prizes. Rating or contributing to a bulb takes no more than a few mouse clicks. The “Groups” facility is yet another way to solicit feedback. It’s a good way to harness expertise from certain areas.

For the most part the Bulbstorm Facebook app serves as a gateway to things you can do on the Bulbstorm website. The “Home” tab features links to bulbs, groups and bulb challenges. It also provides stats such as WATT$ earned. The “Friends” tab allows you to invite your Facebook friends who don’t have a bulbstorm and the “My Bulbstorm” tab takes you to your dashboard on the Bulbstorm website. Like the Bulbstorm website, navigation of the Bulbstorm Facebook app is highly intuitive.

Overall, Bulbstorm along with its Facebook app is a strong, useful service. It’s particularly good for manufactured products and defined services and is a great way for individuals & companies, to market and fine tune an idea. It also helps them gain invaluable feedback and find other people to collaborate with. In particular I think Bulbstorm’s WATT$ currency system is a great fit for Facebook as it’s fun, engaging and rewarding, exactly the things that Facebook users would enjoy in a marketing platform.

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