Facebook Friday App Review – FCB Alert

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What is it?
FC Barcelona’s ‘FCB Alert’ Facebook app enables the club to better engage with its 28m fans on the social network. Designed by MicroStrategy the app gives fans access to exclusive content, news, games, polls and a whole host of other multimedia content, all of which can be shared with other Facebook users. It also allows fans to buy merchandise within Facebook.

How does it work?
‘FCB Alert’ tailors content specifically for groups or individuals based on their interests, demographic and geographic data that exists within Facebook.

Getting Started
To receive relevant information via the app, users must give it permission to access their personal data. Controversially, the privacy policy of the app allows for data to be collected even when you’re not using it or when your friends on Facebook allow access to it/use it. So it’s worth bearing this in mind before you sign up.

Closing Comments
For fans FC Barcelona who don’t mind giving the club access to their information on Facebook, FCB Alert is a great app. I think its tailored element is a particularly strong feature as it means fans will be less likely to ignore posts and more likely to share content. For the club itself, the app serves as a data collection goldmine, which can be used to deliver highly targeted advertising.

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