Facebook Friday App Review – Fotobabble

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Fotobabble allows users to add audio to a still image or slideshow to create a “talking” photo. This talking photo can then be embedded in a blog/website/email or shared via Facebook/Twitter.

The app is completely free to use and it takes only a few seconds to create a talking photo. You simply upload a photo and record your voice via your devices’ microphone. No additional software is required. Everything you need is part of the app.

For individuals, Fotobabble is a great way to share special moments with friends and family. For marketers/businesses/organizations it can be used as a way to engage with fans/followers. Baby photographers Our365 once ran a “Tickle Me Baby” contest encouraging parents to upload photos of their babies along with audio of their laughter.

Fotobabble can also be used for product reviews and explaining pictures of complex information such as diagrams and graphs.

All-in-all Fotobabble is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Leveraged correctly it has masses of potential both as a tool for fun and a tool for fan/follower engagement.

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