Facebook Friday App Review – Hike Free Video App

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The Hike video app lets you replicate YouTube and or Vimeo channel on your Facebook page.

Rather than having to embed videos into your HTML code or copy and paste URLs into your newsfeed, the Hike video app lets you display your videos simply by selecting your video source and inputting your channel name. The videos then show up in a separate tab on your Facebook page for all your fans to see.

The Hike video app also lets your fan-gate your video content so that people have to ‘like’ your page before they can view it. This is great as it has viral marketing benefits and promotes fan interaction with your brand.

You can also sort and categorise your videos as well as display them in their original dimensions (most video apps will only let you display content in a 4:3 or 16:0 aspect ratio).

All-in-all it’s a great app for cutting down the time it takes get videos on your Facebook page. It’s also good for making sure your video content is presented in a fashion hat makes sense to Facebook users.

Try it for yourself. It’s completely Free!

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