Facebook Friday App Review – PromoBoxx

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Promoboxx is an online retail platform which helps brands and local retailers join forces to drive online shoppers to stores. It can be used in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and websites.

At the heart of Promoboxx is a “promotion creation” interface, which allows users to quickly and easily set up sweepstakes, product giveaways, coupons and sign up forms. This highly intuitive interface works incredibly well. I had a go at setting up each type of promotion and had them up and running in a matter of minutes.

You start off by entering a name, duration, header logo and URL for your promotion. To enter your promotion name and URL you simply type them in. Header logos can be uploaded as jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png file types and promo durations can be set via an easy to use drop down menu system that lets you enter start/end date and times for your promotions.

Once you’ve finished entering the basic details of your promotion you can start building your entry form. The base entry form template includes name, email address and telephone number fields. To make changes to your entry form you simply hover over the relevant fields and click edit or remove. If you want to add even more detail to your entry form there’s a host of additional fields to choose from on the right side of the screen. These can be added to your entry form simply by clicking on them. With so many fields to choose from you should be able to capture some really good data.

Following the entry form screen you move to another screen that lets you type in information about your prize, coupon etc. Here you can enter a title, description, value and more. From there you go to a “Rules” screen where you can set up the rules and privacy policy for your promotion. Getting this bit right is particularly important if you’re planning to run a competition via Facebook as they’re policies are very stringent. If you’d rather not type in your rules/privacy policy you can elect to enter URL’s to where they are or you can use the official Promoboxx rules/privacy policy templates.

On the final screen of the interface you can make tweaks to the design of your promotions entry page and thank you page. You can insert images, add widgets and make changes to the colour scheme by entering relevant hex decimal codes. There’s also rather neat countdown clock which lets people know when your promotion will come to an end.

Closing Comments

All-in-all Promoboxx is great tool. It’s incredibly easy to use and takes no time at all to organise, making it an ideal solution for those who want to create quality social promotions without having to dedicate masses of time.

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