Facebook Friday App Review – Selective Tweets

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What is it?
Selective Tweets lets you choose the tweets you would like to appear on your Facebook wall.

How does it work?
You can specify the tweets you would like to be posted by appending them with the hastag: #fb.

Getting Started
To connect your Facebook and Twitter account using Selective Tweets simply login to your Facebook account, go to http://www.facebook.com/selectivetwitter, click the “Go to App” button, enter your Twitter username in the appropriate field on the screen that follows and click “Save”. When you’ve done this, allow the application access to your basic information and you’re set.

If you’re using another application to post tweets to your Facebook wall remember to disable it so it doesn’t keep updating with ALL your tweets.

Closing comments
Overall Selective Tweets is a great time saving solution if you are looking to get the same messages across both Twitter and Facebook. The ability to select specific tweets for posting to Facebook is a real benefit as it ensures Facebook fans/friends only see messages that are relevent to them as opposed to a stream of tweets in post form, which is what happens when you simply “connect” a Facebook and Twitter account.

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