Facebook Friday App Review – Twitterfeed

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What is it?
Twitterfeed automatically updates your Facebook status with data supplied by your website.

How does it work?
It looks for an XML/RSS file on your site and then posts any new information to Facebook, on your behalf. It’s very much a “set and forget” type tool, so once you’re up and running you don’t need to do anything besides update your website.

Getting Started
Before you do anything you’ll need to get your website to generate an XML file when it updates or set up an RSS feed. Once you’ve done this you can set up your Twitterfeed account, which is completely free and simply a case of entering an email address and password. Once your account is set up you can log-in and start adding feeds.

To add a feed you need to enter a name and a link to your RSS feed. You can then select the content you would like to be posted to Facebook e.g. title & description, links etc. For URL shortening there’s a plethora of options including bit.ly, TinyURL, and SnipURL. Certain URL shorteners, such as bit.ly give you stats on how many people have clicked your link, which is handy.

Twitterfeed also allows you to the set how frequently it should check for new post and how many new updates it should post at a time.

Once you’ve carried all of the above simply save your changes and Twitterfeed will begin working its magic.

Closing Comments
All-in-all Twitterfeed is a great way to drive traffic to your website and streamline your activity.

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