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Earlier this year Facebook stopped supporting it’s FBML app and changed to iFrames, creating a major challenge for Facebook page owners who relied on the app to display fan gates (also known as welcome tabs) on their Facebook pages. Fortunately, social network tool creators Wildfire came up with a solution in the form of their free, easy to use iFrames application. The app enables Facebook page owners to create their own fan gates and HTML based landing pages and like the FBML app, its fan gate functionality allows Facebook page owners to display one type of content to fans, and another to non fans. It also takes care of hosting your content something the FBML app used to do but that companies must now handle themselves since Facebook switched to iFrames.

Getting started
With Wildfire’s iFrames app, Facebook page owners can get a fan gate up and running in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to “allow” its request for permission, add your page from a drop down menu and complete a short registration form. After this you’re ready to start playing with the app itself.

Customising the iFrames app
To customise the settings of the iFrames app simply click “Edit Settings”. This enables you to add a “Custom Image” or “Custom HTML” for both “Fans View” and “Non-Fans View”. In the “Fan Gate” section, select “On” if you want fans to see a specific design while non-fans see something else, or select “Off” if you want fans and non fans to see the same thing. When you’ve finished customising agree to the T&Cs, click “Save & Preview” and that’s it! I didn’t encounter any problems when uploading an image and the HTML editor is just as easy to use, particularly if you’ve already got the code to hand as you can just paste it in.

Setting your welcome tab as your default landing page
If you want to you can set the welcome tab as the default landing tab of your fan page. To do this simply click “Edit Info” under the name of your fan page followed by “Manage Permissions” on the left. Within the dropdown for “Default Landing Tab” select “Welcome” and save. If you’ve not already done so, I’d strongly recommend setting your welcome tab as the default landing page of your fan page as they’re an effective way to grow fans/likes.

Final thoughts
Wildfire’s iFrames app affords Facebook page owners an enormous degree of flexibility in terms of design and functionality. For fan gate design it’s a more than worthy replacement for the FBML app. As we know, fan gates are a great way to encourage likes and grow fans, particularly when they’re coupled with incentives. The iFrames app makes this most important element of Facebook marketing as easy as pie.

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