Facebook Friday- Edgerank, How To Get In The Facebook Newsfeed

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What is Facebook Edgerank

Facebook EdgeRank is an algorithm that decides what’s most important to display in users News Feeds.

Why is it important to get into the Newsfeed?

Reaching high levels of engagement and impressions is even more important and harder to achieve than ever. This algorithm simply determines whether or not your posts will be shown on people’s new feeds or not, and as most post impressions and interactions happen on the newsfeed and not from people actually visiting your Facebook page it’s essential to be appearing on it.

Whereas previously you posted content mostly based on the time of the day in the knowledge that it will appear in results and hopefully people will see it; now there are a myriad of factors affecting whether people see your posts or whether you become invisible to them!

How can I see how well I’m doing?

Use EdgeRankChecker.com to see how well you are currently faring. This site uses a bunch of metrics to estimate how much viewability you are getting on Facebook.

You can also use it to check how your competition is doing as well! But do remember it’s purely an estimate and should only be used as such.

For accurate numbers you can use the metrics within Facebook Page Insights. This will show you how well people are interacting with your content, as interaction is key to boosting your EdgeRank this will help you see what content works and what doesn’t.

How can I get more exposure in the Newsfeed?

  • Interaction is crucial – EdgeRank weighs heavy on how often your audience interacts with you. If your audience frequently writes on your wall, interacts with your questions, updates and shares, your affinity score with your audience will most likely be high. There is a different weighting between people that “like” a post and those that comment, Comments are weighted higher than a simple Like, so try and create content that people want to interact with.
  • Drive interactions – Making your posts are interesting and having content that your followers will react to whilst at the same time encouraging them to comment or “like” your content, is crucial. It’s amazing the response you can get from asking a simple question, people love to express their opinions so make it easy for them to do so. Mix up the type of posts; pictures and videos stand out more on a page and they also seem to be highly favoured by the Edgerank algorithm.
  • Timing – Think about how many posts you should be posting and when you should be posting. You want to keep content fresh to keep your edgerank up, but do not overpost or underpost as people may get bored of your content and so stop interacting.
  • Measure the response – Through using Facebook Page Insights analyse which posts drive the most interactions and which don’t and use this information to guide you in what type of posts you should be making in the future.

As it’s only been a few months since this new algorithm came into action we can expect to see it evolve as time goes on. We’ll keep you updated with any new trends we have noticed as well as all the latest news on Edgreank.

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