Facebook Friday – Fanappz

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Fanappz offer an integrated suite of applications and tools that enable those with Facebook fan pages to grow, engage and monetise their social network fan base. I recently had a play with the following applications:

These allow fans to select their 5 favourites from either branded content or Fanappz content. Despite knowing almost nothing about basketball, I had a go with the top 5 app on the NBA Store Facebook Page, which lets you pick your Top 5 NBA Starting Lineup. To identify your picks you simply scroll through a series of player profile pics and click the one you want, or you can type their name into a search box and find them that way. Its lots of fun and dead easy to use.

These can include images, texts and videos. Fans can choose to “just vote” or “vote and share” meaning their choice is posted as a status update and shared with all their friends. They can also create their own polls. I’m more of a Simpson’s man, but that didn’t stop me from taking a Family Guy related poll titled “Which Griffin Makes You Laugh Hardest”. Naturally I went for Stewie – who wouldn’t? After casting my vote I was shown a graph of results so far, which was pretty neat. Like the Top5 app its good, clean, un-complicated fun that encourages user participation.

These allow fans to test their knowledge on certain topics and learn “what” or “who they are most like” across either branded content or Fanappz content. Like polls, Quizzes can include images, texts and videos; in fact they’re pretty much the same as polls in terms of how they function. With great trepidation, I took a quiz to determine which movie couple I’m most similar too. The start of the quiz featured a counter, which let me know how many people, including my Facebook friends had taken the quiz to date. After working my way through the questions and allowing the app access to my account, I ended being likened to Edward and Bella from Twilight. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing but it was fun nether-the-less.

The Fanappz suite also includes the following apps:

Promotions & Coupons
These enable those with fan pages to drive sales by communicating offers with optional coupons and registration forms. Offers can be displayed on fan pages and the Fanappz offer catalogue. They can also be integrated into Top5s, Polls and Quizzes for greater visibility and increased conversions. They’re a great way to drum up fan interest.

Like Promotions & Coupons, Sweepstakes can be integrated into Top5s, Polls and Quizzes. They’re a great way to capture fan data.

Virtual Gifts
These allow those with fan pages to open a virtual gift store, sell virtual gifts or offer free virtual gifts as part of a viral promotion. They’re great for encouraging user participation and virally growing your fan base.

Fan Stores
These allow fans to purchase merchandise via a fan page. In a climate where consumers have come to expect e-commerce functionality on Facebook pages, this is one of the key apps in the Fanappz suite.

Fanappz is great for businesses, brands and public figures with Facebook Fan Pages as virtually all its features lead to promotion on fans Facebook walls thus offering huge potential for viral growth at no additional costs. It’s also really convenient since you get an entire suite of applications in one central location rather than having to install them individually.

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