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When social media first entered public consciousness a raft of retailers quickly latched onto it, with little or no thought as to how they would use it to drive sales.

Fast-forward to present day and the glass is somewhat half full. Whilst many retailers are still failing to properly harness the power of social media, some are really excelling in using the channel to engage with customers, drive website visits and increase sales.

What is s-Commerce?

One of the main reasons why some retailers are excelling in their use of social media is because they’re offering an ecommerce-like experience within the confines of their social media space. This practice, dubbed “s-commerce” or “social-commerce” seems as if it’s here to stay and is perhaps the biggest step so far towards social media being regarded as a revenue generating channel in its own right.

Who’s doing s-Commerce?

Once a rarity, there are now numerous examples of s-commerce. ASOS, regarded as one of the leading ecommerce retailers has recently launched a fully integrated Facebook shop that allows users to shop for ASOS products without leaving the social network. Functionality includes add to cart and checkout as well as the ability view items on friends news feeds and click through to ASOS product pages on Facebook.

Pia Jewellery has “social-commerce pop-up stores”, which use existing product feeds to dynamically display products across affiliate, display and social networks.  On the Pia Jewellery Facebook page, users who click “Shop Pia” are presented with a carousel of products, which they can click through and buy on the Pia website.

The 1-800 Flowers Facebook page features a fully fledged ecommerce system that allows users to a complete an entire transaction with its confines. Others functions include the ability to enter promotional codes as well as write personal messages to add to your order.

Cosmetics firm Avon have taken their use of social media even further by creating an online community on its website called “Avon Connects”. The site enables customers to buy online from their Avon rep- without face to face contact. It also engages customers though editorial content, photos and videos.

What does that mean for the rest of us?

While the above examples show that some retailers are being innovative and testing the boundaries of s-commerce, there are many who still have some way to go before they’re offering the sort of social media experience modern consumers expect.

Modern social media-savvy consumers are looking for closer relationships with their favourite brands/retailers; therefore retailers who excel in their use of social media are more likely to encourage their loyalty.

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