Facebook Marketing – Good Examples

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The following are some good examples of Facebook marketing.


ASOS are very good at using Facebook’s wall feature to engage their fan base. They regularly post competition announcements as well as links to promotions on their main site.

Below, is a screen shot of one of their competition based wall posts. This particular post asks users to take photos of themselves wearing knitwear and then upload them to a community page.  The user deemed to have the best photo wins a 10% discount code.

ASOS appear to have a very sound Facebook marketing strategy. The content of their fan page is highly relevant to their core demographic and manages to be both fun and engaging without loosing site of the fact that traffic needs to be driven to the main site in order for products to be sold.

Coca Cola

The Coca Cola Facebook page wasn’t actually created by Coca Cola themselves. It began life as a page created by two super fans known as ‘Dusty’ and ‘Michael J’ and quickly gained a strong following.  Rather than asking the page creators to stop what they were doing, Coca Cola rather cunningly opted to collaborate with them to create an official presence on Facebook.

A considerable amount of Coca Cola’s Facebook marketing has been created through user participation. This in itself is a great branding exercise as it connotes a sense of fun, friendliness and accessibility, things that may not necessarily be associated with an enormous global conglomerate. Below is a screen shot of various Coca Cola related photos that have been submitted by some of the brands 4 Million plus fans across the world.

Dell – Social Media for Small Businesses

Having successfully harnessed the power of social media to sell products (they’ve made millions via Twitter) Dell are perhaps more qualified than most to position themselves as a source of information for the business sector on how to market using social media. Realising this fact, Dell have created a Facebook fan page containing a series of guides that help small to medium sized businesses effectively use social media tools to grow and better serve customers. Each guide includes an overview of the approach, tips for getting started, examples of best practices and case studies.  Although the primary focus of this Facebook page is to inform rather than sell, it is still a worthwhile marketing exercise since it serves to enhance Dell’s reputation as a brand.

Below is a screenshot taken from Dell’s social media Facebook page that displays each of the guides available for users to download.

The examples above show that in order to successfully market using Facebook you need to know your target audience and provide content that will make users want to engage with your brand. It’s also important for brands to adopt a similar approach to Coca Cola and not take themselves too seriously.

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