Getting Facebook Ready For Christmas

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Facebook pages have become just as important as every other form of online presence for many retailers. As with  any form of online marketing you need to plan how you are going to use your Facebook page to maximize its impact over the Christmas period.


If you used Facebook to promote your company over last year’s Christmas period, then take a look over what initiatives you put in place and analyse what worked and what didn’t. Use Google Analytics to work out if there was something in particular that drove traffic to your site, then think about how you can use this information to better it this year.

If you have already been using Facebook as a means to further your online presence then, by now, you should have learnt what works with your “fans” and what doesn’t, use everything you have learnt to help you this Christmas.

Promoting Effectively

FBML Landing Pages – By now you may have started using FBML (facebook markup language) to create your own tabs on your Facebook page. If you haven’t yet utilised FBML then it is worth looking into. Whilst it may look daunting at first, when you start working with it you will find out that it’s actually easy to create highly professional looking pages. For an example of what you can create, here is Coca-Cola’s efforts What you will notice is that it is the FBML page can be the first page a visitor will land on, and as it’s completely editable by yourselves, you can create the page to promote whatever you want.

Email Capture – Using FBML you can also create an email sign up field which can be of great use to capture the email addresses of new potential customers. In turn this will benefit your email marketing over the Christmas period.

Sending the right messages – What should you send out in terms of posts? Your experience with how fans have reacted to your posts in the past should dictate how you go about promoting to them over Christmas. As well as being a promotional tool, Facebook is also an information portal about your company, so tell your fans what they need to know. Why not tell about your last order dates in plenty of time, tell them what promotions you are running, talk to them in a way they would want to hear and listen to what they have to say back to you.

The best thing about Facebook is that it’s wholly interactive and the fans viewpoints can be expressed directly, so listen to what they have to say, and reply to them quickly and effectively!

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