Getting Twitter Ready for Christmas Trading

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In order to maximise your performance during the busy Christmas trading period it’s important to make sure that in terms of both planning and execution you cover all of your marketing channel bases including social media. The continued growth of social media makes it ever more important for retailers to be available to consumers via the channel. It also means that any marketing carried out via the channel should be planned just as meticulously as more “traditional” forms of marketing.

The following are some tips on how to get your Twitter marketing ready for Christmas Trading.


Before moving forward with any plans its worth looking at the previous year’s results to identify products/promotions that performed well and those that didn’t. Things that worked well last year may be worth tweeting about this year.


If you have one, take a look at your promotional calendar for the weeks leading up to Christmas and draw up a campaign of Tweets based around these promotions. Although one of the main purposes of your tweets will be to drive traffic to our site, try to keep them short don’t make them overly sales focused. Research suggests that Twitter users are not particularly receptive to such tweets, so try to be subtle in your approach. In addition to promotion based tweets consider sending non promotion based tweets about things that exist with the same sphere as you and your consumer base. Tweets offering some sort of incentive for consumer participation work well.

Grow your following

Before rolling out any tweet campaign, look to increase your number of followers by following users who likely to be interested in what you’re going to tweet about. You can do this by entering keywords into Twitter’s search tool and following users who are tweeting about things that relate to these keywords. Try to follow users with a lot of followers as it’s a sign that their Twitter page carries a lot of authority. It also means that your tweet has the potential to travel much further should they choose to ‘retweet’ it. Tools like ‘Cotweet’ and the Twitter directory ‘We Follow’ are useful alternatives to Twitter own search facility when trying to recruit followers. It’s also worth putting a call to action on your website and email marketing, asking people to follow you on Twitter.


Many social media platforms can be synced with one another so that messages are broadcast simultaniously across platforms. This is a great way to save time as it eliminates the need to prepare separate massages for each platform.

Make your Twitter page presentable

For retailers Twitter is as much about branding as it is driving sales, maybe even more so. Make sure your Twitter page is fully branded i.e. brand logo, correct colour scheme etc and that the bio provides as much info as possible. It’s making your bio as keyword rich as possible as Twitter pages are indexed by search engines.

Time is tight at Christmas. Make Twitter easier manage and optimise your time by using some Twitter tools.

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  1. Brilliant piece of information, some great tweeting suggestions here for me to use in my promotional campaign, thank you.

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