Great Examples of Twitter Marketing

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Over 3 years into its existence the number of businesses exploiting Twitter for marketing purposes continues to grow. Many of these businesses have recognised that in order to enjoy success via the channel its imperative appear ‘human’ and engage their target audience. Tweets containing voucher codes, offers of customer support and reactions to audience feedback are now common practice.

The following are some good examples brands/companies/organizations using Twitter as a marketing tool.


The American airline JetBlue uses a scanning tool to check what Twitter users are saying about them. They then follow these individuals and Tweet them details of special offers and other things that they might be interested in.

Love Camden (Camden Council)

As part of their Love your local High Street campaign persuading residents to support independent retailers within the borough, Camden Council set up @lovecamden and asked followers what they would do with a £1,000 (the cash prize for using independent retailers). The Twitter portion of the campaign only ran for 48 hours but in that time it managed to attract 222 clicks to the relevant web page. Competition answers ended up being featured on bus stop posters within the borough as well as the Camden council website.

500 Days of Summer

Fox Searchlight, the studio behind this critically acclaimed rom com used Twitter as a key marketing channel during the films launch. A number of clips and cast interviews for the film were available exclusively to Twitter users and there were even Twitter only private screenings before the films official release.


A direct message or ‘DM’ as it’s know in the world of Twitter is the platforms equivalent of email and enables users to tweet to one another on a private basis. Amazon’s Twitter page enables users to DM a book title so that they receive regular updates on its average price.

Imperial War Museum London

To increase the number of visitors to the museum over the Easter period IWM created a fictional character called Mrs Sew & Sew, who via the medium of twitter shared various money saving tips from the 1940’s.

It’s clear to see from these examples that in order to successfully market using Twitter, you need to not only be ‘human’ and ‘engaging’ you need to be ‘innovative’ too.

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