How to track trends on twitter

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Twitter is not only a great platform for micro blogging, marketing and social messaging, its also a useful tool for keeping track of trends and gaining an idea of what’s popular at any given time.

You can track trends via the hot trends that appear on Twitters search and homepages, however for more advanced trend tracking it’s best to use third party accounts/ web applications like the following:


Tweepz allows users to search by geography, biography or name. Results can be sorted by relevancy, number of followers or number being followed. Users can also filter down search results to include or to exclude by the number of followers, divided by percentile ranges, so you can easily find the top 10% of Twitter users who have the word ‘dress’ in their bio who have more than 100 followers.


Twellow takes messages from Twitter and categorises each of these users responsible for those massages into the various categories that can be found on the Twellow website. Twellow’s category system enables users to filter their searches into specific niches, which makes finding what you are looking for a lot easier.

We Follow

We Follow is a user generated Twitter directory created by Kevin Rose (the guy behind Digg). Like Twellow the site uses a category system. Each category on the site is a tag such as fashion, news, shopping etc. Twitter users in each of these categories are ranked by the number of followers they have.


Trendistic allows users to track trends on Twitter in similar fashion to Google trends. It gathers tweets as they are posted, filters out the redundant ones and compiles the remaining Tweets into one hour intervals. Because tweets are compiled into one hour intervals users can view the frequency of phrases fluctuate over time and get a graphical representation of what’s ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’ amongst Twitter users. It’s a great tool for gaining a visualization of how certain events are reflected or even predicted by the Twitter universe.

The above are just some of the ways to track trends on Twitter. A wide variety of such tools are available. As Twitter grows expect even more sophisticated means of trend tracking to emerge.

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