Is Twitter in Decline?

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Fascinating article from eMarketer recently on the various reports that traffic to Twitter is in decline.

It seems a fair few research companies are reporting declines in traffic to Twitter, but that maybe those reports aren’t as accurate as they should be – with mobile data and information from other platforms missing.

This does rather beg the question of how should ‘online’ traffic now be tracked when it can be interacted with via so many mediums.

Does any of this suggest Twitter’s in decline? Probably not – but to get a real feel for it we’d need to know how many posts are being made each day – a level of interaction rather than a level of users. It’s certainly not yet time to get out of twitter.

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  1. Agreed, it is all about user interaction as opposed to traffic volumes. To really understand the quoted stats one would have to delve fully into the methods used to collect them, for example how do they count a Tweetdeck user who opens it in the morning and leaves it connected all day (much like I do @Jason_S_Smith)?

    My feeling is that the actual number of users will continue to increase for a while yet with boosts from the diverse ways the service can be accessed. I am not giving up my Twitter account just yet, how would I have found this blog if I had 😉

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