Using LinkedIn to Grow your Sales Workshop

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LinkedIn is the social network every business should be active on. It’s been experiencing rapid growth over recent years, and the improving tools and options create more ways to grow your sales.

Used in the right way it will help you increase traffic to your website, your email list, connections and most importantly – your sales!

It works fantastically well with your other marketing activity, especially your networking and CRM systems. It’s also a very time efficient way to keep in contact with people, remind them of your existence, and (of course) make it easy for them to find you.

This online workshop is designed to enlighten you about how LinkedIn works and Guide you through the process of getting LinkedIn working for you – efficiently and effectively. We’re not going to go off into lots of techy ninja tactics – in this workshop we’re showing you how to use the LinkedIn tactics that are both easy to do, and will make a big difference to your sales.

How it works…

The 3 lessons are designed to be watched 7 days apart, at the end of each you will be set homework to complete before the next lesson.

The Homework is broken down into bite size pieces to make it easy for you to get your LinkedIn activity moving. During those 3 weeks you should be investing 1 hour a day to build up your momentum on LinkedIn.

By following our simple steps you will create a stream of communication around your brand – building awareness and generating leads.

Once the 3 weeks is complete you can maintain the system with just 30 minutes to 1 hour per week – although if you spend more time, you’ll get more back!

What’s in the three lessons?

Everything we do uses a Free LinkedIn account – because there’s so much you can do without paying LinkedIn a penny you’d be crazy to pay before you’d done it all!

Lesson 1: Profile Pages, and Connection Growth

  • What Social Media is
  • How LinkedIn works
  • Great Profile Pages
  • Skills
  • Connection Building
  • Status Updates
  • Recommendations

Lesson 2: Groups

  • Introducing Groups
  • How to Find Groups
  • How to Interact with Groups
  • Optimising your Groups

Lesson 3: Companies, Searching, and Update Interactions

  • Reminder how LinkedIn works
  • Refresher re: Session 1 & 2
  • Searching and Filtering
  • Finding and Following Companies
  • Status Update Interactions


Bonus Videos:

There are 2 areas of LinkedIn that are completely absent from the three lessons, so we’ve decided to give you them as bonus sessions:

  • BONUS ONE: What to do with your LinkedIn Company Page
    Many of us now have a LinkedIn Company Page- but what should you do with it? In this video we explain what you can do, and what you should!
  • BONUS TWO: How to use LinkedIn Advertising
    This is the only video where we’ll be talking about anything you have to pay for. LinkedIn advertising is a great way to target business people – and in this video we’ll show you how.

Who is the training for?

The workshops are designed for anyone who wants to drive sales using their LinkedIn account, it’s perfect for:

  • Small business owners
  • Consultants and Experts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Anyone looking to make the most of their other marketing activity
  • Anyone with little / no experience of LinkedIn who wants to understand more

Our Promise:

  • Expert content
    focused on tactics that everyone can use, and which don’t take a lot of time or effort. We focus on the parts of LinkedIn that will bring you the biggest benefits quickly
  • Practical and hands on
    every lesson shows you exactly what to do, and leaves you with a set of next steps
  • Clear guidelines
    we explain both how to do it, and why to do it!
  • Email support
    If you have questions as you work through the lessons – just drop us an email and someone will get back to you
  • Low Prices
    excellent value for money, we charge in excess of £600 to deliver the 3 lessons in a face to face half day workshop and you’re getting the Bonuses too!

What you get:

  • 3 LinkedIn Lessons
    Each is it’s own hour long video, with homework, and slides you can download. Covering all you need to know to get your LinkedIn profile working for you
  • 2 LinkedIn Bonus Lessons
    Covering LinkedIn Advertising and Company Pages
  • Learn at your own speed
    Whilst we’ll send you emails to guide you through the workshop in the way we think you should do it – you’ll have access to everything immediately, so you can work through it as fast or as slowly as you like
  • Proven strategies for success on LinkedIn
    We’ve used these tactics to get speaking gigs outside the UK, increase webinar and email list sign ups, and initiate contact with clients worth in excess of £40,000
  • A time-efficient LinkedIn system
    Once you’ve completed the course you should be able to manage your LinkedIn activity in under 2 hours per week, under an hour if you really push it!

Get immediate access:

The whole course – all 3 lessons, PLUS the 2 bonus videos is available for just £150 +VAT.

For immediate access – just buy now!

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Want more?

We can build a training course / workshop that’s bespoke to your business – if you’d like to discuss this please contact us.