New LinkedIn Personal Profile Page On the Way…

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Yep – we’ve only just getting used to the new LinkedIn Company Page – and bamb! this week they’re announcing the new personal profile page.

Whilst the Company Page update was rolled out to everyone at once, they’re taking a more gradual approach to the new Profile Pages. (the profile page is your personal page).

The first you’ll know about it is seeing this message when you login:

linkedin new presonal profile invite

if you see this – click on it!

I saw the first one of these on a friend’s profile on Tuesday, and today I’ve got it for the first time – so take advantage when you get the opportunity.

When you click you don’t get the new profile page – so clicking won’t take up a lot of your time – 2 minutes max!

What you’ll see is a guide to the new page, and a button you can click to add yourself to the invite list (I will post again once I’ve been invited!).

So what is the benefit of the new profile page going to be?

Well, without getting my hands on it I can’t say for sure, but from the material they’re sharing it doesn’t look groundbreaking – it’s not massively different. These seem to be the key points:

  • It makes more use of photos – you get a more prominent photo, the people who’ve looked at your page get a photo, possible connections get a bigger photo.
  • That plus some other layout changes makes it look like they’re aiming to get everyone to make more connections (which is of course the power of LinkedIn, more connections = more possibilities).
  • Personal updates have more visibility – so they’re encouraging us all to share more content.
  • The “CV” part is better designed and better laid out.
  • And there are more pretty graphs to help you understand your network.

new personal profile example

So from what I’ve seen so far the changes just seem to be to try to make us all use the tool more, and make more of it.

As soon as I’ve got my hands on one though, I’ll update you again!

if you’ve already got active with yours – please comment below with your thoughts!

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