New Twitter – Why it’s Good. Top 5 Improvements

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Having begun the process in September, Twitter has now finished rolling out the new version of its web interface to all users. Many Twitter users, particularly heavy users, interact with the service via third party application such as Cotweet and Tweetdeck because they deem them to offer a better user experience than Twitter proper.

With the new interface Twitter promise to provide “an easier, faster and richer experience” for all users and hope that it will persuade users of third party apps to visit more regularly.

From what I’ve seen Twitter has definitely delivered on its promises. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 improvements that make the ‘new’ Twitter so good.

1. Better Layout

The new Twitter interface is split into two panes. The left pane contains familiar features such as your timeline, @mentions, retweets, searches and lists; however each has been assigned to a tab making them much easier to work with. The right hand pane tells you how many tweets you’ve sent, who you’re following, who you should be following and who’s following you. It also provides real time trend information, which is a useful tool for identifying what’s ‘hot’ at any given time.

2. Embedded Media

Perhaps the biggest and best improvement on the ‘new’ Twitter is the integration of video and photograph sites such as You Tube and TwitPic. On the original Twitter interface clicking a photo/video link would take you to an external site. Click a photo/video link in the new Twitter and it opens in the interface’s left pane. This is a great new feature as it eliminates the hassle of having to close multiple tabs or windows once you’ve finished viewing something.

3. Continuous Scrolling

Users can now scroll continuously through their tweets without having to manually load more. As long as you have tweets in you history your timeline will just keep going and going and going. I challenge you heavy Twitter users out there to see how long it would take you to scroll to the bottom.

4. View Timeline and Profiles On One Page

The new two pane system allows users to view timeline and profile info simultaneously eliminating the need to open lots of tabs and windows when looking for users to follow.

5. Follow/Unfollow From Anywhere

The new Twitter interface also offers more places to follow and unfollow other users.

It’s clear from the above improvements that Twitter has taken big strides to improve the overall user experience of its web interface. We’ll see if third party app users are impressed enough to switch aligience.

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