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In 2011 our training workshops were rated by all attendees and we had some great results:

  • 4.9 out of 5 for “Overall how useful was the workshop?”
  • 4.9 out of 5 for “How likely are you to recommend our workshops to others?”

And here’s what the attendees had to say about the courses:

“Great ideas and help. Very small class made it personal to our company.”
Sophie Hedges, Garden Trading (Facebook Pages)

“Overall great. Flexibility in what to cover great….. although this has almost meant there were too many things to consider/remember. – Is it worth asking individual aims prior to course? But great! Thanks”
Lisa Plummer, Therapy Advertising (Facebook Pages)

“Was great to be able to try and update your profile and then if you get stuck Chloë could point me in the right direction.”
Charlotte Jilbert, Clarendon Business Centre (LinkedIn)

“Very informative, thank you”
Martin Harvey, Bag N Boxman (Twitter)

“Thanks Chloe”
Katrina Beck, Red Moon Executive Search (Twitter)

“Brilliant! Have been on several ‘social media’ conferences who only dropped names and talked theory, however this was just what I wanted.  Small group size and relaxed format make it ideal for practical learning”
David Jenkins, Artisanti (Twitter)

“Very good thanks – I’m at a very basic level so the content did make me understand the significance of everything – still a big job ahead though.”
Serena Elston, Adestra (Google Analytics)

“You have some great expertise… it was a pleasure to watch you sharing that and helping us make more of our ‘web presence’… thank you!” Nick Isbister, Sima UK (LinkedIn)