Optimising Your Twitter Page

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Well known brands and small businesses alike are setting up Twitter pages as a means to engage with customers and market their business.

Just like a regular website, a Twitter page has its own pagerank, so it’s important to ensure it’s optimised for online searches.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your company Twitter page.

Choose a good username: Be sure to pick a username that’s relevant and easy to remember. You username forms part of your Twitter URL. It’s also shown in the title of search engine results pages, so try to make it as reader friendly as possible. Not an easy task when you’ve only got 9 characters to play with.

Choose your account name wisely: Again, pick something that’s relevant. In determining your account name it may be worth using an analytics package to analyse which variations of your company name have the highest search frequency.

Grow your following and carefully choose who you follow: The more followers you have, the more authority your page carries. It’s also important to follow people in the same field. This helps to strengthen your identity and can impact a search engines assessment of how relevant your page is.

Optimise your bio: Try to make your bio as keyword rich as possible. Bios are consistently indexed by search engines and provide Twitter pages with their core relevance.

Carefully select the initial words of your tweets and make them keyword rich: Search engines index Tweets too, so it helps to make them as keyword rich as possible. The initial characters of a tweet appear as part of the title tag in Google search results, so it’s worth trying to make it as relevant as possible to your company and what you’re tweeting about.

Promote your page and link to it:  Place a call to action on your website and/or in your emails asking people to follow you on Twitter. The more links to your Twitter page, the better, as they will help drive your Twitter page up the search engines. Try to promote your Twitter URL too.

Keep your tweets short and link to what’s most relevant: Try to keep tweets under 120 characters as this helps with retweetability. If you need to shorten URLs, there are many tools available. Bit.ly is one of the best, especially if you want to track clicks. When inserting a link try to link to the most relevant page.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Great advice..Twitter is all about engagement with your followers as well which will make them take more notice of your tweets.

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