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social media logo mashHere at indiumtraining we firmly believe every business should do their own Social Media.

You are the ones who know your customers, know your targets, know your content – it’s taken you years to learn all of that. Plus you’re working with it day-in, day-out. You know your stuff! Better than anyone else.

We firmly believe business owners should own their own social media as it is one of the most effective ways of building strong relationships with clients and prospects – a relationship you should own. A typical business can see great results from only 2 hours per week.

But you don’t know social media.

However often we see businesses spending at least double that time on the wrong activity. And many hours each month simply trying to keep abreast of the latest tools, trends and technologies – this is time we can save you – whilst boosting the effectiveness of your time spent with social media to boot.

  • Have you ever felt your time on social media was mis-spent?
  • Ever been frustrated that you’d spent ages working on your social media, only to find a tool that could have done it in 5 minutes?
  • Been confused about what you should be doing next on Social media?

Simplifying the Challenge of Social Media…

The most challenging thing about getting a result from social media marketing is knowing what you should be doing, and updating it as things change. Every day new tools, strategies, methods are revealed for each of the social media engines (twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin and the others!). It takes a lot of time to read and digest all of this information, and it takes a lot of skill to understand which bits are relevant for individual businesses.

That’s the bit we can fast-track for you.

Instead of you having to read all the news, and understand it, and fit it into your social media strategy – we’ll do it for you! Condensing it all into just two email newsletters a month and a series of webinars.

So, we’ll deal with the challenge of keeping up to date for you, but what can we do to accelerate your social media success even faster?

… using the 2 Fs of Social media

The key to successful, fast social media is the 2 Fs:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness

Efficiency is all about spending as little time logged into your social media as possible. (1-2 hours a week MAX).

Effectiveness is about using the right engines, and talking about the right things, with the right people, using the right tools – Content, Connections and Contraptions!

These 2 Fs run through everything we help you to do in social media.

So how can we support you with your social media?

We’ve been helping business with social media for the last 3 years, and in that time have distilled our services into three packages.

They’re designed to help you:

  • Keep up to speed with the latest news easily and quickly
  • Use your social media efficiently
  • Create effective social media campaigns

Interested? Of course you are!

Here’s your choices:

“I just want the information – the rest I can do on my own”
“We know what we’re trying to do – just need some help to do it better”
“I want the lot! Please help me build a strategy and get my social media singing!!”
Price £67 / m £147 / m £297 / m
Quick Start Guides to each social media engine Y Y Y
How To Guides for all social media engines Y Y Y
Latest News Training Sessions – at least 6 per year Y Y Y
2 Newsletters each month Y Y Y
Monthly Private Webinar Y Y
Email Support Y Y
Bespoke Strategy Y
Quarterly Strategy Reviews Y


As this is a brand new product launching in December 2012, until the end of November 2012 if you sign up for 6 months, and pay in advance we’ll reduce the cost by 10%.

To buy – please just click on the product you’d like above!

Online payment is via PayPal, if you’d prefer to pay another way please contact us, or if you’d like to talk to someone first. All quoted prices are exVAT.


That’s right, because we want to make sure we’re giving you the attention you deserve we’re limiting access to the Silver and Gold Programmes:

  • Silver – just 5 available
  • Gold – just 2 available

So if you want access to get, efficient, effective social media support – then sign up now! We already have people interested in these packages, and they will sell out!

Want more detail on what’s included? Here it is:

  • Quick Start Guides – to each social media engine. A guide that shows you how to quickly get live, and building your traffic.
  • Access to all our Social Media how to guides – comprehensive PDFs with step-by-step guides to doing everything on each social media engine (plus we’re throwing in  Google analytics too!)
  • Social Media News Training Sessions – these are webinars, hosted by us where we’ll take you through the latest developments in social media. So if Facebook change their page layouts again, or if another Pinterest launches – expect a webinar to bring you up to speed, fast. We’ll be holding these whenever there’s news(!) but at least every 2 months.
  • Social Media Newsletters – delivered by email no more than twice a month. These will be full of the latest news you need to know about in social media.
  • Monthly Private Webinars – just us, and your company, for 1 hour. To run through whatever you need that month to push your social media results. Follower growth, or content ideas, or new tools you need – whatever you need!
  • Email Support – got questions between sessions? Just email us!
  • Bespoke Social Media Strategy – a 12 Month Social Media Strategy created for you, by us. Your full activity plan for social media for the year!
  • Quarterly Strategy Reviews – every 3 months we’ll review your social media activity, what’s happening in your business and in the marketplace, and amend your strategy accordingly.