Twitter Tool Tuesday – Doesfollow

Doesfollow lets you see who’s following who on Twitter.

To use the tool you simply key a pair of Twitter handles into the search boxes and click the “Check” button. Within seconds you get a “Yup” or “Nope” depending on whether the account of the handle you entered in the left box, is following the account of the handle you entered in the right box. There are also buttons to “Clear” or “Swap” the handles you enter.

For the more mischievous, there’s an “Insults” version of the tool which displays slightly more amusing messages than the standard “Yup” or “Nope”, after you click the “Check button”.

Although it doesn’t take itself too seriously, Doesfollow is actually quite a good tool for things where it can be useful to be aware of connections, such as new business prospecting and competitor research.

Try it for yourself here.