Facebook Friday App Review – Vitrue

Vitrue’s Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform offers businesses a comprehensive solution to manage, measure and maximise their interactions across Facebook (and Twitter).

The platforms main components are:

Vitrue Publisher
This handles the scheduling of content for multiple streams or pages in similar way to other fan/follower management tools such as Hootsuite. Those who have a Facebook page can use it to create individual segmented messages to fans who have liked their page. They can also schedule content according to location. The interface itself is incredibly easy to use. To schedule posts you simply type your message attach any relevant multimedia, pick your dates and click to confirm. I was able to schedule a batch of post within a matter of minutes.

All-in-all Vitrue Publisher is a great way for those with Facebook pages to facilitate two-way interactions with fans. It can also help them generate viral sharing via their fans’ news feeds.

Vitrue Tabs
Via its highly intuitive interface, Vitrue Tabs enables those with Facebook pages to create custom landing pages, fan-gated pages and other rich content within their page itself. Prospective users will be pleased to know it features full CSS and iframe support. I’ve created a welcome page in iframe mode and was able to do so with relative ease. You certainly don’t need to be a technical marvel to work with it. There’s also a facility to set up and monitor multiple administrators, useful if multiple personnel within a business have been authorised to edit content. Overall this is a great tool for encouraging fan engagement.

Vitrue Shop
This allows those with Facebook pages to build fully customisable commerce applications within their page to drive both engagement and revenue. These applications include e-commerce shops, which can be integrated into Facebook pages and mobile components, designed to increase footfall in bricks and mortar shops. This tool is a great way to try and monetise the massive amounts of traffic on Facebook.

Vitrue Analytics
This allows users to monitor activity by account, stream, tab, module, post, type of post and more. They can also track community growth and compare streams. I found the analytics interface relatively easy to get to grips with. Data is presented in easy to understand graphs and can be downloaded in CSV format for further analysis. It can also be exported to Google Analytics. Vitrue’s analytics package is really useful as it helps users gain a much greater insight into their social media campaigns thus enabling them to make changes accordingly.

Overall, I think Vitrue is a great solution for businesses who want to increase their brand awareness and engage with their consumers via Facebook and Twitter. The fact it offers so much from one platform is particularly appealing.

10 Best Ecommerce Facebook Profile Pages

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If industry experts are right, 2011 looks set to be the year that ecommerce on Facebook (or ‘f-commerce’ as it’s come to be known) really takes off.

The current f-Commerce landscape

At the moment only a handful of companies are dipping their toes into the water, which is surprising given the relative in-expense of set up and the huge numbers of people to engage with and sell to. Things look set to change though with increasing numbers of Facebook shops springing up and big name companies announcing their intention to join then revolution (ASOS are scheduled to launch their Facebook shop at the end of January)

Most companies with Facebook shops have ‘shop fronts’ as opposed to fully fledged ecommerce systems, meaning users are taken out of Facebook and whisked away to the company’s website whenever they click on a product. If a company is using their Facebook shop mainly as a device to drive traffic to their website, this practice is fine. If a company wants their Facebook shop to serve as a viable revenue source in its own right then they should stick to ecommerce best practice and make transactions as easy and seamless as possible. This means offering users a fully fledged ecommerce experience within the confines of Facebook.

Some of the better f-commere pages

The following (in no particular order) are 10 of the best ecommerce Facebook profile pages I’ve come across so far.

1: 1-800 Flowers

2: JC Penny

3: Pampers

4: Hautelook

5: Mark.

6: Adult Swim UK

7: Miami Heat

8: Grayce by Molly Sims

9: Game Intern

10: Orglamix Cosmetics

All of the above Facebook shops offer a fully fledged ecommerce experience without users ever having to leave Facebook; something I think will be a common practice when f-commerce really takes off and with masses of third party solutions available such as Payvment and Alvenda it’s something that can be easily achieved.