Top 5 Things To Do With Your Facebook Page

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So like most companies you now have a Facebook fan page, but how do you make the most out of it? Facebook fan pages have now become an integral part of a company’s online presence and overall marketing campaign; here are a few tips and hints on how to make your page as powerful as possible.

  1. Join the conversation! The time has come for actual 2-way communication with customers over the internet, mad isn’t it. It’s now essential to become human and talk on the same level as your customers. You must reply to comments people post and you should also take the initiative to engage with your customers and fans by asking them questions too! It takes extra effort to engage your customers and going that extra mile will always keep clients coming back.
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Facebook Fan Page

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Fan pages are used by a variety of businesses to establish a presence on Facebook and build a community around their brand. They’re a particularly good option for small to medium sized enterprises looking to gain visibility in the realm of social media as they are completely free and easy to set up. Once up and running they serve as a central place for brand discussion and sharing of user generated content. [Read more…]

Facebook Marketing – Good Examples

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The following are some good examples of Facebook marketing. [Read more…]