Facebook Friday App Review – Tabfusion Google Plus

Tabfusion’s Google Plus app enables users to incorporate a Google Plus feed into their Facebook page, making it even easier to share content between the social networks.

The app currently supports in-line photos and links with real-time updates. In future, Tabfusion plan to add even more of Google Plus’s most popular features/functions such as circles and comments.

For those with company pages on Both Facebook and Google Plus, Tabfusion’s Google Plus app is a great time saving solution as it saves them having to physically log into Facebook to share content from Google Plus.

For more details and prices visit tabfusion.com

Facebook Friday App Review – Showcase Tab

Social Apps HQ’s Showcase Tab let page owners add a gallery tab to their Facebook page to showcase images of product lines, events, stores or your fans.

You can set the tab to only show content once a fan has liked your page, a good way to increase likes of those Facebook users who visit your page but don’t click like. There is unlimited image hosting included as well as real time analytics to help you measure how effective the tab is. It’s also possible for friends to share content and invite their friends, helping increase your fan base.

Social Apps HQ categorise their apps in to three categories: Free Apps, Vertical Apps & Standard Apps – Showcase is a Standard App. Their pricing model includes 3 different options ranging from $9.99 / month to $99.99 / month, use of Showcase would be available for $9.99. One limitation is that their apps all include Social Apps HQ branding unless you opt for the $99.99 package.

See the app in action: facebook.com/Picasso

Check out Social Apps HQ’s Facebook page: facebook.com/socialappshq

Facebook Friday App Review – Your Calendar

Personera’s Your Calendar app lets you add a tab to your Facebook page offering your fans the chance to create their very own personalised calendar.

Once you’ve added your branding, you add the tab to your Facebook page and your fans can customise it with their own photos, while their events and friends birthdays are automatically added. Once finished, your fans can print it for free, or pay for it to be professionally printed.

Your Calendar is a great way to monetize your Facebook page and increase fan revenue, while supplying your fans with a piece of personalised merchandise they’ll love.

Take a look at the app in action: facebook.com/Personera/Your_Calendar

Find out more about Personera and Your Calendar: personera.com

Facebook Friday – How ticket sites are using Facebook

Online ticketing is a huge industry and social networks such as Facebook offer such sites a huge database of their target demographic. With the biggest tours and festivals in the UK regularly selling out within hours if not minutes ticketing websites have engaged Facebook to drive the traffic they rely on while keeping fans up to date.

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Facebook Friday – 2 retailers embracing Facebook Shops

Earlier in our series of Facebook Friday blog posts we blogged about s-Commerce (Social Commerce), talking about how retailers were turning to Facebook not just to drive traffic to their websites but also accept sales from within Facebook itself. In this blog post we’re going to focus on two UK retailers who are really embracing s-Commerce, Lyle and Scott and ASOS.

As two of the most recognisable brands in the UK – especially when it comes to the ‘social media generation’ – Lyle and Scott and ASOS are two of the best placed to offer Facebook users a sales platform within the social network itself and both have done so by developing their own ‘app’ and incorporating it into their Facebook page.

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Facebook Friday – 3 Popular Facebook Apps

Facebook is full of useful tools which will help you and your business get more out of the social network, called apps. The apps cover all sorts of categories from Business to Games and Friends & Family to Sport.
Here we outline 3 of the most useful apps for your Facebook page – let us know what you think!

Facebook Friday – 5 Cool Like Pictures

Like pictures are what a Facebook user sees when they land on a Facebook page which they’re not already a fan of. The idea is pretty simple, use an engaging picture to get visiting users to become a fan!

Here, I list 5 of the best! (click any of the images to see them larger)
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10 Best Ecommerce Facebook Profile Pages

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If industry experts are right, 2011 looks set to be the year that ecommerce on Facebook (or ‘f-commerce’ as it’s come to be known) really takes off.

The current f-Commerce landscape

At the moment only a handful of companies are dipping their toes into the water, which is surprising given the relative in-expense of set up and the huge numbers of people to engage with and sell to. Things look set to change though with increasing numbers of Facebook shops springing up and big name companies announcing their intention to join then revolution (ASOS are scheduled to launch their Facebook shop at the end of January)

Most companies with Facebook shops have ‘shop fronts’ as opposed to fully fledged ecommerce systems, meaning users are taken out of Facebook and whisked away to the company’s website whenever they click on a product. If a company is using their Facebook shop mainly as a device to drive traffic to their website, this practice is fine. If a company wants their Facebook shop to serve as a viable revenue source in its own right then they should stick to ecommerce best practice and make transactions as easy and seamless as possible. This means offering users a fully fledged ecommerce experience within the confines of Facebook.

Some of the better f-commere pages

The following (in no particular order) are 10 of the best ecommerce Facebook profile pages I’ve come across so far.

1: 1-800 Flowers

2: JC Penny

3: Pampers

4: Hautelook

5: Mark.

6: Adult Swim UK

7: Miami Heat

8: Grayce by Molly Sims

9: Game Intern

10: Orglamix Cosmetics

All of the above Facebook shops offer a fully fledged ecommerce experience without users ever having to leave Facebook; something I think will be a common practice when f-commerce really takes off and with masses of third party solutions available such as Payvment and Alvenda it’s something that can be easily achieved.

Facebook Places: The Location Aware Service – What is it and how’s it being used?

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What is Facebook Places?

Facebook Places is a new app for mobile phones that enables Facebook users to alert their friends to their current location. Similar to other location-based social networks such as Foursquare and Gowalla it enables people to provide real time updates of where they are what they’re doing, whilst on the move. [Read more…]