New LinkedIn Personal Profile Page On the Way…

Yep – we’ve only just getting used to the new LinkedIn Company Page – and bamb! this week they’re announcing the new personal profile page.

Whilst the Company Page update was rolled out to everyone at once, they’re taking a more gradual approach to the new Profile Pages. (the profile page is your personal page). [Read more…]

Autumn Courses Now Available to Book – including Pinterest and Google+

We’ve just finished putting the final touches to our Autumn Workshops – and I can’t believe how much we’ve been able to improve on the courses earlier this year! We’ve also been able to add in several new courses too. Overall we think it’s another great range of workshops to help people from businesses large and small fast-track their route to success with social media and online marketing. I would love to hear what you think! [Read more…]

Turn your LinkedIn Profile into an Infographic CV

Just been playing with this rather cool new tool from that with a couple of clicks turns your LinkedIn profile into a very cool, visual, CV.

See mine – unfortuantely it’s still in Beta and you can’t yet download it as a pdf or an image or anything. But it’s certainly a way to make the more complex CV easier to understand – the timelines in particular are very useful.

It is currently in Beta, so you have to request an invite (my came through within minutes) and you can do that here.

Play Tetris with your Linkedin Contacts

What a great idea!! And highly addictive.

During a recent Hackday at Linkedin one of the team has come up with a version of Tetris that you can play using your Linkedin connections as the bricks.

Linkedin Game

It’s called “Dropin” and is very easy to play, although it is quite distracting when someone you’ve fogotten you’re connected to just pops up.

LinkedIn new tool – InMaps

Today LinkedIn unveiled their latest labs project – InMaps.

LinkedIn InMap

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

The one above is my InMap – it shows all the people I’m connected to on Linkedin and how they’re interconnected too. So the coloured areas are groups of people from different areas of my life. I’m quite impressed at how accurate it’s been.

On the real version (click the image above to get there) you can zoom in and out, plus I’ve named the colour coding! (very exciting!).

There is also a link there to get your own made up…

How can I use LinkedIn to grow my business?

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Often referred to as a ‘social networking site for adults’, LinkedIn is a free social networking website developed for business interaction. Built around a profile page that reads like a CV, it allows users to create and maintain a network of people who they know and trust in business.

Some analysts view the LinkedIn profile as a replacement to the traditional CV. In terms of SEO, Google is a big fan, so if you already have an online presence, a LinkedIn profile can help to improve your ratings and increase your chances of being found online.

[Read more…]