Upcoming UK Social Media Conferences…

With social media marketing finding a firm place in many companies’ marketing campaigns – and for those that aren’t already using social media marketing, the strong likelihood is they’re thinking about it – making sure you’re up-to-date with the latest techniques, ideas, developments and pitfalls is imperative.

Thanks to the rise in focus on social media marketing, there are more and more social media conferences to help you ensure you’re fully aware of what does and doesn’t work and where you should and shouldn’t put the focus for your market in social media marketing.

Here are some of the upcoming conferences for social media:

14 June – Social Media Influence, London
How to employ creative content and technological innovation to learn what your customers really care about and so move beyond the traditional campaign mentality.

29/30 June – Online marketing show, London
Not a bespoke social media conference but there will certainly be a strong presence of this latest channel.

19 September – Social Media marketing and Monitoring, London
Exploring the latest social media tools and techniques.

20 September – Social media for CEOs, London
The “ultimate social media event for CEOs and Directors”.

And if you’re looking further afield, then take a look at this list for details on which international social media conferences will be best for you and your business:

How to monitor your brand’s online reputation

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I’ve recently come across a fantastic free tool for monitoring the online reputation of something.

Monitoring online reputation is becoming increasingly important for many businesses, organisations and individuals. But it’s often hard and expensive to do because of the vast range of media on which comments can be made.

Addictomatic is a great free tool that enables you to quickly create a webpage customised to show you the latest buzz on any topic (or brand) you’re interested in. Unlike several tools that allow you to do one off searches Addict-o-matic lets you create page that you can keep coming back to. For example here’s a few I created earlier:

All of these combine all the default tools, but you can edit the arrangement of them and which are visible.

Addict-o-matic pulls data from several places including the following:

  • Twitter
  • Bing news
  • Several blog searches – including Google, Technorati and WordPress
  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • YouTube
  • Flicker and much more

Altogether a fantastic and simple tool for keeping yourself right up to date.

Top 5 Reasons Social Media is Important to Shopping Websites

Social media sites have become a very large part of online activity over the last couple of years – 11.6% of all UK Internet visits in September 2010 were on social media sites, more than Google, Yahoo and Bing added together (Hitwise). Facebook is now only second to Google as a traffic referrer but it’s not just about Facebook and Twitter, there are thousands of social networks and forums out there.

With social media playing such a large role online, it’s important retailers keep up. The challenge is how to maximise on the opportunities that social media brings. The last year has seen a 13% increase in [Read more…]

Facebook Fan Page

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Fan pages are used by a variety of businesses to establish a presence on Facebook and build a community around their brand. They’re a particularly good option for small to medium sized enterprises looking to gain visibility in the realm of social media as they are completely free and easy to set up. Once up and running they serve as a central place for brand discussion and sharing of user generated content. [Read more…]

How to track trends on twitter

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Twitter is not only a great platform for micro blogging, marketing and social messaging, its also a useful tool for keeping track of trends and gaining an idea of what’s popular at any given time.

You can track trends via the hot trends that appear on Twitters search and homepages, however for more advanced trend tracking it’s best to use third party accounts/ web applications like the following:


Tweepz allows users to search by geography, biography or name. Results can be sorted by relevancy, number of followers or number being followed. Users can also filter down search results to include or to exclude by the number of followers, divided by percentile ranges, so you can easily find the top 10% of Twitter users who have the word ‘dress’ in their bio who have more than 100 followers.


Twellow takes messages from Twitter and categorises each of these users responsible for those massages into the various categories that can be found on the Twellow website. Twellow’s category system enables users to filter their searches into specific niches, which makes finding what you are looking for a lot easier. [Read more…]

The Danger of Social Media

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There is no doubt about it – social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are powerful, interactive marketing channels and offer an efficient, convenient way of reaching your customers and followers. But beware; when something goes wrong with your social media communications, the damage is instant and it can hit the national press within hours…

In a recent example, a Vodafone staff member made a huge error by releasing an extremely offensive tweet from the Vodafone twitter account. Details of the offensive remark can be viewed by clicking here. Whilst Vodafone apologised immediately for a “severe breach of rules by staff in our building” the damage had already been done. With over ten thousand followers, the message was well and truly in the public domain and it had been widely reposted and retweeted within seconds. [Read more…]

Great Examples of Twitter Marketing

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Over 3 years into its existence the number of businesses exploiting Twitter for marketing purposes continues to grow. Many of these businesses have recognised that in order to enjoy success via the channel its imperative appear ‘human’ and engage their target audience. Tweets containing voucher codes, offers of customer support and reactions to audience feedback are now common practice.

The following are some good examples brands/companies/organizations using Twitter as a marketing tool.


The American airline JetBlue uses a scanning tool to check what Twitter users are saying about them. They then follow these individuals and Tweet them details of special offers and other things that they might be interested in.

Love Camden (Camden Council)

As part of their Love your local High Street campaign persuading residents to support independent retailers within the borough, Camden Council set up @lovecamden and asked followers what they would do with a £1,000 (the cash prize for using independent retailers). The Twitter portion of the campaign only ran for 48 hours but in that time it managed to attract 222 clicks to the relevant web page. Competition answers ended up being featured on bus stop posters within the borough as well as the Camden council website.

500 Days of Summer

Fox Searchlight, the studio behind this critically acclaimed rom com used Twitter as a key marketing channel during the films launch. A number of clips and cast interviews for the film were available exclusively to Twitter users and there were even Twitter only private screenings before the films official release.


A direct message or ‘DM’ as it’s know in the world of Twitter is the platforms equivalent of email and enables users to tweet to one another on a private basis. Amazon’s Twitter page enables users to DM a book title so that they receive regular updates on its average price.

Imperial War Museum London

To increase the number of visitors to the museum over the Easter period IWM created a fictional character called Mrs Sew & Sew, who via the medium of twitter shared various money saving tips from the 1940’s.

It’s clear to see from these examples that in order to successfully market using Twitter, you need to not only be ‘human’ and ‘engaging’ you need to be ‘innovative’ too.

How to Get Set Up On Twitter

Everyone seems to be talking about Twitter at the moment, and why not – it’s a fast growing phenomenon with a lot of questions still be answered.

If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the water, but don’t know how or where to start we’ve recently added a guide to our website that explains how to get your business up and running on Twitter.

It’s really not that difficult to get set up so why not download the guide and get tweeting?*

*there’s also a handy twitter glossary!

Is Twitter in Decline?

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Fascinating article from eMarketer recently on the various reports that traffic to Twitter is in decline.

It seems a fair few research companies are reporting declines in traffic to Twitter, but that maybe those reports aren’t as accurate as they should be – with mobile data and information from other platforms missing.

This does rather beg the question of how should ‘online’ traffic now be tracked when it can be interacted with via so many mediums.

Does any of this suggest Twitter’s in decline? Probably not – but to get a real feel for it we’d need to know how many posts are being made each day – a level of interaction rather than a level of users. It’s certainly not yet time to get out of twitter.

5 great uses of MySpace

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MySpace is an interactive social networking website. Users can blog, create personal profiles, join groups and share photos/videos.

In no particular order, here are 5 great uses of MySpace.

1)    Self Promotion

Musicians profile pages are often teeming with MP3’s that can be listened to for free by other MySpace users. MySpace is particularly good for finding the works of aspiring young musicians many of whom use the network as a way to promote themselves and their music. Lily Allen is probably one of the best known examples of a musician gaining fame through MySpace.
[Read more…]