Facebook Fan Page

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Fan pages are used by a variety of businesses to establish a presence on Facebook and build a community around their brand. They’re a particularly good option for small to medium sized enterprises looking to gain visibility in the realm of social media as they are completely free and easy to set up. Once up and running they serve as a central place for brand discussion and sharing of user generated content. [Read more…]

How to track trends on twitter

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Twitter is not only a great platform for micro blogging, marketing and social messaging, its also a useful tool for keeping track of trends and gaining an idea of what’s popular at any given time.

You can track trends via the hot trends that appear on Twitters search and homepages, however for more advanced trend tracking it’s best to use third party accounts/ web applications like the following:


Tweepz allows users to search by geography, biography or name. Results can be sorted by relevancy, number of followers or number being followed. Users can also filter down search results to include or to exclude by the number of followers, divided by percentile ranges, so you can easily find the top 10% of Twitter users who have the word ‘dress’ in their bio who have more than 100 followers.


Twellow takes messages from Twitter and categorises each of these users responsible for those massages into the various categories that can be found on the Twellow website. Twellow’s category system enables users to filter their searches into specific niches, which makes finding what you are looking for a lot easier. [Read more…]

The Danger of Social Media

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There is no doubt about it – social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are powerful, interactive marketing channels and offer an efficient, convenient way of reaching your customers and followers. But beware; when something goes wrong with your social media communications, the damage is instant and it can hit the national press within hours…

In a recent example, a Vodafone staff member made a huge error by releasing an extremely offensive tweet from the Vodafone twitter account. Details of the offensive remark can be viewed by clicking here. Whilst Vodafone apologised immediately for a “severe breach of rules by staff in our building” the damage had already been done. With over ten thousand followers, the message was well and truly in the public domain and it had been widely reposted and retweeted within seconds. [Read more…]

How Businesses are Using Twitter

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There’s a lot of coverage of Twitter at the moment – “it’s the next big thing”, “you’ve got to be on it” etc. This raises the question of how it can be used to help a business, and is that going to help meet the businesses objectives.

[Read more…]

Is Twitter in Decline?

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Fascinating article from eMarketer recently on the various reports that traffic to Twitter is in decline.

It seems a fair few research companies are reporting declines in traffic to Twitter, but that maybe those reports aren’t as accurate as they should be – with mobile data and information from other platforms missing.

This does rather beg the question of how should ‘online’ traffic now be tracked when it can be interacted with via so many mediums.

Does any of this suggest Twitter’s in decline? Probably not – but to get a real feel for it we’d need to know how many posts are being made each day – a level of interaction rather than a level of users. It’s certainly not yet time to get out of twitter.

Facebook Marketing – Good Examples

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The following are some good examples of Facebook marketing. [Read more…]

How can I use LinkedIn to grow my business?

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Often referred to as a ‘social networking site for adults’, LinkedIn is a free social networking website developed for business interaction. Built around a profile page that reads like a CV, it allows users to create and maintain a network of people who they know and trust in business.

Some analysts view the LinkedIn profile as a replacement to the traditional CV. In terms of SEO, Google is a big fan, so if you already have an online presence, a LinkedIn profile can help to improve your ratings and increase your chances of being found online.

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What’s Plaxo?

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Plaxo is an online address book and social / business networking service which provides automated information updates.

1.    Address book – Users can store contact information on Plaxo’s servers. When users edit this information, the changes automatically appear in the address books of all their contacts to ensure everyone always has your most up to date contact details.

2.    Networking service – known as ‘Plaxo Pulse’.  It enables the sharing of content from various social web sources, including social networking services, photos, blogs, social bookmarking services and others. Users can select the content they would like to view/share according to pre-determined categories such as family, friends, business or customised groups. [Read more…]