Twitter Tool Tuesday – Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a data collection aggregation solution with analytics thrown in for (no pun intended) good measure. There are quite a few differences when you compare it with other social media analytics platforms. Users can define their own metrics to be in line with their KPI’s and there’s a greater focus on understanding the data and what it means, which makes it great for spotting correlations and such. Data downloading is also flexible with users able to export their results using Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

All-in-all if you’re really looking to get to the meat of how people are responding to your social media activities, this is a great solution.

Find out more here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Brandfluencers

Brandfluencers is a free tool that connects with your Google analytics account to help you identify which of your Twitter followers are most influential and driving the most traffic to your website.

To set up the tool you simply click the orange “Try now” button on the homepage and allow it access to your account. Once you’ve done this, its intuitive dashboard lets you view your biggest traffic driving followers (in order of traffic driven) as well as all the info you need to target these followers, such as their name, Twitter handle, number of followers and number of tweets.

Overall, it’s a great tool for identifying audience members you should be engaging with to try and spread word about your brand/product/service etc.

Try it for yourself here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Engage 121

Engage 121 is a social media analytics and engagement tool that enables big brands to monitor the activity of their franchises.

Users can view activity by location as well as create templates for franchises to use on their Twitter account.  These templates can be used to help franchise owners who are less knowledgeable about social media. For instance a user can circulate a Twitter update containing a voucher code or special offer, which franchise owners then have the power to approve or not.

Find out more about Engage 121 here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Visibli

Visibli is an analytics platform for numerous social networks, including Twitter, which lets you optimise your engagement.

You can analyse your shared content to gain a better understanding what your followers are engaging with, as well as segment and target followers according to their interest. Visibli’s killer feature is its ‘Engagement Bar’ which helps you promote content via shared links.

Overall, Visibli is a great platform for optimising your output for maximum engagement.

Try it for yourself here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Tap 11

Tap11 is a real-time business intelligence platform that allows businesses to track and measure what is being said about them on Twitter and Facebook. In short it’s a market research tool for social media.

It works by analysing the Twitter firehose to monitor conversations about your brand, competitors and key influencers in your sector. Users are then alerted to any breaking news, which is relevant to these factors.

The tool also features a comprehensive analytics dashboard that lets users measure overall engagement with their campaigns according to tweet impact, reach, clicks, retweets, replies and more.

For marketers this tool is a great way to work out where they should be focusing their attention or what they should change if things haven’t been going to plan. It’s also a great tool for business owners as it features admin controls that allow multiple users to tweet across multiple accounts.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Klout

Klout is a social media analytics tool, which gives a snapshot as to the popularity/influence of a Twitter user. If you’re only after a basic summary, simply enter a username into the search box on the homepage and click ‘view’. If you want a full analysis you’ll need to set up an account.

A Twitter users’ popularity/influence is determined by their Klout score which works on a scale of 0 to 100 with 100 being the most influential. This score is determined by a combination of more than 25 variables including following count, follower count, retweets, unique mentions, list memberships, tweet content, the influence of people reading your tweets and how they react to them.

The main categories that affect your Klout score are:

  • True reach (the size of your engaged audience)
  • Amplification (the likelihood that your content will be acted upon)
  • Network (the influence level of your engaged audience)

Once a users’ Klout score has been calculated, they fall into ‘Klout classification’ on the ‘influence matrix’ Classifications include ‘explorers’ (people who actively engage with the social web and who look for new ways to interact and network), ‘celebrities’ (people hang on their every work) and ‘feeders’ (people who provide a steady stream of info about their industry or topic)

Klout is a great way to decide who should follow/un-follow. Improving your Klout score will improve your chance of being found, being followed and being listened to. A high Klout score can also reward you in the search rankings.

If you’re not on Klout, get on it now!

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Twoolr

Twoolr is an analytics tool for Twitter, with a free version giving you statistics on distribution, mentions and how your account is growing plus much more. Twoolr also offers a paid service which includes more features and starts at $9.99 / month, however they do offer a 30-day free trial.

Twoolr is a great way of seeing just how effective your twitter account is. By using the data Twoolr provides you can adjust your tweeting strategy to better serve your followers.

Try it out for yourself:

How to track trends on twitter

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Twitter is not only a great platform for micro blogging, marketing and social messaging, its also a useful tool for keeping track of trends and gaining an idea of what’s popular at any given time.

You can track trends via the hot trends that appear on Twitters search and homepages, however for more advanced trend tracking it’s best to use third party accounts/ web applications like the following:


Tweepz allows users to search by geography, biography or name. Results can be sorted by relevancy, number of followers or number being followed. Users can also filter down search results to include or to exclude by the number of followers, divided by percentile ranges, so you can easily find the top 10% of Twitter users who have the word ‘dress’ in their bio who have more than 100 followers.


Twellow takes messages from Twitter and categorises each of these users responsible for those massages into the various categories that can be found on the Twellow website. Twellow’s category system enables users to filter their searches into specific niches, which makes finding what you are looking for a lot easier. [Read more…]