Twitter Tool Tuesday – Clicktotweet

Clicktotweet is a URL generating tool that lets you create custom links to promotional messages of your choosing. Whoever clicks a link you’ve created has your message automatically added to their Twitter status box. All they have to do then is, ‘click to tweet’ it.

It’s a great form of viral advertising as it requires very little effort on the part of your followers to spread your message.

Try it here.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Cloud Flood

Cloud Flood is a free service that lets you giveaway promotional freebies such as eBooks and MP3s. You simply provide a link to the freebie along with the message to tweet/Facebook share and a URL for where you want traffic to go. You then download a “Share to Get” button and when someone clicks on it, they’ll be prompted to share in order to access/download the freebie. If you prefer, you can even upload your own button.

In a sense, Cloud Flood is a way of asking people to pay for a product/service via promotion rather than money. This form of ‘social payment’ and the associated viral marketing benefits could potentially lead to increased traffic on your site and a greater awareness of the product/service your giving away.