Twitter Tool Tuesday – Twoolr

Twoolr is an analytics tool for Twitter, with a free version giving you statistics on distribution, mentions and how your account is growing plus much more. Twoolr also offers a paid service which includes more features and starts at $9.99 / month, however they do offer a 30-day free trial.

Twoolr is a great way of seeing just how effective your twitter account is. By using the data Twoolr provides you can adjust your tweeting strategy to better serve your followers.

Try it out for yourself:

Twitter Tool Tuesday – TweetStats

TweetStats is a fun and useful tool which gives you certain statistics on your behaviour on Twitter. There is no need to create an account, all you have to do is enter your Twitter username and TweetStats will display information on your tweeting behaviour including:

  • Tweets per hour
  • Tweets per week
  • Tweets by day of the week
  • Reply statistics

This can be a really good tool if you want to measure your twitter habits, and you will be able to see what days you might be tweeting too much, and ones where you are hardly tweeting at all. There is one limitation, however, and that is that the tool is very slow – so be prepared to wait!

Find out more at

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a really useful tool for measuring your Twitter stats. It enables you to see:

  • how many followers you have
  • how many people you follow
  • the number of tweets you’ve sent

– all in graph format.

The tool also includes a useful profile checker and a Twitter widget for your blog that gives unique insights into who’s visiting it.