Autumn Courses Now Available to Book – including Pinterest and Google+

We’ve just finished putting the final touches to our Autumn Workshops – and I can’t believe how much we’ve been able to improve on the courses earlier this year! We’ve also been able to add in several new courses too. Overall we think it’s another great range of workshops to help people from businesses large and small fast-track their route to success with social media and online marketing. I would love to hear what you think! [Read more…]

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Cadmus

Cadmus takes control of your twitter account and displays your timeline in a completely different way.

By grouping similar posts into conversations Cadmus does all the work so that you can find out what everyone is talking about without having to browse your whole stream. It puts the most important tweets at the top so you know exactly what’s going on straight away.

Cadmus also creates a personalised set of trending topics based on what the people you’re following are tweeting about.

Cadmus is a great tool which can save you time and help you get straight to the heart of the conversations which affect you.

Sign up to Cadmus here:

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Social Mention

Social Mention is a search engine for social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. In total it searches over 80 different networks and reports back to you with results containing the phrase you’ve entered.

Social Mention can also give you free email alerts about topics of your choice and how they’re being discussed on across the different social networks, it’s easy to set up and you can choose how frequently you receive them. Social mention is a great tool to see how your brand, product or name is appearing across the social web.

Try it for yourself:

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Top 10 Twitter Tools of 2011

Every Tuesday we blog about and review a different Twitter Tool from our Twitter Tool Directory.

As the year is drawing to a close, we’ve pulled together our Top 10 Twitter Tools of 2011. Why not have a look at these popular twitter tools and see if any can help your business?

  1. Twitter Tool Tuesday – PayWithATweet
  2. Twitter Tool Tuesday – Trends Map
  3. Twitter Tool Tuesday – Friend or Follow
  4. Twitter Tool Tuesday – WeFollow
  5. Twitter Tool Tuesday – Twitter Adder
  6. Twitter Tool Tuesday –
  7. Twitter Tool Tuesday – Twournal
  8. Twitter Tool Tuesday – PollDaddy
  9. Twitter Tool Tuesday – Tweroid
  10. Twitter Tool Tuesday – Twitter Feed

Twitter Tool Tuesday – Twitter Adder

Tweet Adder is twitter management programme allowing you to automate your twitter promotion and marketing.

Tweet Adder’s big selling point is the many different ways you can search for other twitter users to follow including filtering by keyword, location, recency & language spoken as well as filtering out users without a profile picture or users who include an URL in their biography or tweets.

Using the programme you can manage multiple twitter accounts in one place as well as setting up automated following and unfollowing. Other features include in-depth stats for your twitter profiles, automated tweeting and automated direct messaging.

Tweet Adder is a paid service but you can take a free trial before you buy. There are a lot of features you may or may not use or need, so take a trial and see if it is worth it for you.

Try it for yourself:

Twitter Tool Tuesday – TwitterSheep

Twittersheep is very similar to  Tweetcloud in that it generates keyword clouds based on Twitter usernames. Whereas Tweetcloud generates keyword clouds based on text associated with your Twitter account, Twittersheep generates keyword clouds based on text in your followers bios.

The tool is incredibly easy to use. You simply enter your Twitter username, click submit and in seconds you’re presented with your keyword cloud.

Once your cloud has been generated you have the option of sharing your results via Twitter and each cloud has a permalink so you can link to them from other sites.

Follow the link below to view Indium’s keyword cloud

This tool is a simple and fun way to look at your Twitter followers. It’s also handy for focusing your keyword strategy in making sure your tweets are relevant and achieve maximum exposure.

Twitter Tool Tuesday – My Twitter Weighs a Ton

My Twitter Weighs a Ton is a free tool which analyses and counts related words in your Timeline to see what you’re tweeting about the most. All you need to do is enter your Twitter user name and it will do all the work for you, producing a list of your most used terms and giving you a link to the tweets related to them.

It’s a great tool to analyse your competitors when trying to recruit the same sort of followers – examining their tweets will give you some brilliant guidance on how to structure your own tweets.

Check it out here:

Twitter Tool Tuesday - My Twitter Weighs a Ton

How to monitor your brand’s online reputation

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I’ve recently come across a fantastic free tool for monitoring the online reputation of something.

Monitoring online reputation is becoming increasingly important for many businesses, organisations and individuals. But it’s often hard and expensive to do because of the vast range of media on which comments can be made.

Addictomatic is a great free tool that enables you to quickly create a webpage customised to show you the latest buzz on any topic (or brand) you’re interested in. Unlike several tools that allow you to do one off searches Addict-o-matic lets you create page that you can keep coming back to. For example here’s a few I created earlier:

All of these combine all the default tools, but you can edit the arrangement of them and which are visible.

Addict-o-matic pulls data from several places including the following:

  • Twitter
  • Bing news
  • Several blog searches – including Google, Technorati and WordPress
  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • YouTube
  • Flicker and much more

Altogether a fantastic and simple tool for keeping yourself right up to date.

New Twitter – Why it’s Good. Top 5 Improvements

Having begun the process in September, Twitter has now finished rolling out the new version of its web interface to all users. Many Twitter users, particularly heavy users, interact with the service via third party application such as Cotweet and Tweetdeck because they deem them to offer a better user experience than Twitter proper. [Read more…]

Getting Twitter Ready for Christmas Trading

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In order to maximise your performance during the busy Christmas trading period it’s important to make sure that in terms of both planning and execution you cover all of your marketing channel bases including social media. The continued growth of social media makes it ever more important for retailers to be available to consumers via the channel. It also means that any marketing carried out via the channel should be planned just as meticulously as more “traditional” forms of marketing.

The following are some tips on how to get your Twitter marketing ready for Christmas Trading. [Read more…]