Facebook Friday App Review – UserEcho

UserEcho is a CRM service that lets you gain feedback from customers regarding your products/services.

It works by allowing you to create your own communication micro site, which serves as a place you can send customers to obtain the information they need. UserEcho also provide links, which can be placed on your website, blog, Facebook page etc in order to direct customers and visitors to your feedback gathering micro site.

The service makes it easy to respond to customers by grouping together repeat feedback requests. There’s also a tagging function that enables you to organise feedback yourself and create categories. Additionally, customers also have the ability to vote on other customer’s feedback, a feature that’s really handy for gauging customer sentiment.

In terms of its look and feel, the service is well designed and highly intuitive. You certainly don’t need any sort of extensive training or technical background to get to grips with its interface. What’s instantly apparent is the level of organisation, which makes it really easy to prioritise the feedback you respond to.

All-in-all, UserEcho is a good solution for handling customer feedback, and with prices ranging from only $15 to $256 per month it’s an economical alternative to building your own support/feedback tool.

Find out more about UserEcho here.