Top 5 LinkedIn Groups Online Marketers should follow

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It’s been a year since we last posted the top 5 LinkedIn groups for online marketers, and a lot has changed since then so here is the re-invigorated top 5 LinkedIn groups for marketers (according to me)!

  1. Social Media Marketing

The largest and most active social media group on with over 168,000 members and about 20 special interest subgroups which include groups focusing on non-profit social media, email marketing and social media and social media design and creativity. There are some really good insightful discussions on here if you scroll through them all. They also have strict rules on what counts as spam so the content is always fresh and easily readable.

  1. Search Engine Land

The renowned website Search Engine Land has its own group on LinkedIn and with over 21,000 members it acts as a must-read hub for everything SEO, PPC, and any other programs that Google, Yahoo and Bing run. Discussions range from simple top level discussions to more in-depth technical queries.

In general the group has a hefty amount of guidelines compared to most LinkedIn groups, all of which makes for a better group page to scan through. For example they do not allow use of LinkedIn’s “Add A Link” feature, in order to keep spam out and the focus strongly on good discussions. They also remove any spam messages or anything they consider pitching articles such as money making schemes, products or news articles.

  1. eMarketing Association Network

The eMarketing Association Network is the largest and most active marketing group operating on LinkedIn with more than 321,000 members. It’s a very broad group that encompasses every aspect of online marketing so whilst there is a wealth of members, and heavy discussion activity, the discussions may not always be on subjects that are relevant to you.

  1. Email marketing roundtable

Not the largest email marketing group but the one with the most interesting and useful discussions that are a little more advanced than the simple “how do I do email marketing” questions in the other groups. People come together to discuss what works and what flops when it comes to crafting and executing winning email marketing programs for their organisations.

  1. Facebook & Twitter for Business

This LinkedIn group is a place where you can find everything needed to promote your business on Facebook. They continuously search for and discuss new apps, scripts, plugins, templates and tools for building your pages and presence on Facebook and Twitter. Whilst there are a lot of people just posting about following their company and other spam messages, if you can ignore them without getting too irate there are some links to great articles posted and some good discussions.

These are the top 5 groups for online marketing on LinkedIn that I would recommend you all join up to and see whether you like the content and discussions on offer. Obviously you can leave the group if they aren’t to your taste! And if they aren’t, could you recommend some others?

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