Top 5 Things To Do With Your Facebook Page

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So like most companies you now have a Facebook fan page, but how do you make the most out of it? Facebook fan pages have now become an integral part of a company’s online presence and overall marketing campaign; here are a few tips and hints on how to make your page as powerful as possible.

  1. Join the conversation! The time has come for actual 2-way communication with customers over the internet, mad isn’t it. It’s now essential to become human and talk on the same level as your customers. You must reply to comments people post and you should also take the initiative to engage with your customers and fans by asking them questions too! It takes extra effort to engage your customers and going that extra mile will always keep clients coming back.
  2. Static FBML – In the same way you work to create a great homepage on your website, you can work on your Facebook landing page to create a better user experience and enhance branding. FBML is essentially putting an html page on your page.  You will have to download the FBML app, and it’s a little technical so I would suggest searching for some specific blogs on this topic to find instructions on how to set everything up. Here’s a post which may be able to help.
  3. Publish Interesting Content – Seems simple enough doesn’t it, but 95% of pages I am signed up to bore me to tears and push me to the unlike button. The key is to post interesting, valuable and relevant content in a way that speaks to the customer in the language they want to hear. It’s about knowing who your customers are and engaging them so that they visit your page and actively contribute, these are the people that are most likely to be influenced by social media to buy.
  4. Insights – Facebook now offers you a great selection of metrics that offer you an insight into your fans; it’s called Insights funnily enough. There’s now a much better array of information available than previously, this information, coupled with analytics data, means you can begin to see what effects affects your fans behaviour. Here’s an article that delves a little deeper into Facebook Insights.
  5. Off Facebook Promotion – Not so many months ago, Facebook enabled the Fanbox – some code that webmasters can put on their website which translates to showing a real-time snapshot of their Facebook fan page.
    It’s great for turning fans of your actual site, into fans of your Facebook page. Here’s some more info

Here’s just a few ideas, let me know what’s worked for you!

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  1. Aaron says:

    I’m so into fbml right now! thanks for the great post!

    I figure I’d share this with you since it’s helped me a lot, theres such a great community of people over there! –

    Enjoy! Thanks again!

    • Matt Slingsby says:

      Thanks Aaron, took a look at that facebook page, looks pretty useful! I’m sure i’ll be checking it out from now on!

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