Twitter Tool Tuesday – 5k Twitter Browser

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Neuro Productions 5K Twitter Browser is a really cool flash based visualisation tool that graphically presents your contacts and pieces of information related to them. You start by entering any Twitter user name and the tool loads up a circle of contacts, their thumbnail profile pic and most recent tweet. Keep clicking on contacts and this process is repeated, endlessly creating visual connections that people have made across Twitter.

For all it’s cool factor the tool does have some faults. Once it’s loaded your contacts and their information, you can only click what’s in-screen, you can’t move around. Plus you can’t click directly through to twitter – so if you want to follow someone you need to write down their username and then find them later on in Twitter. Also because the tool is flash based you can’t publicise your network.

Despite these flaws, the fact you it gives you an instant visualisation of your connections makes it a great tool for targeting followers you wish to recruit. It’s also a useful networking tool.

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