Twitter Tool Tuesday – ChumpDump

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ChumpDump is an iPhone/Android app/game for Twitter based around the idea that you probably have a lot of “chumps” clogging up your feed.

Each day, at random, ChumpDump will present you with a screen of stats for someone you follow on Twitter including their number of DMs/replies to you, the number of times they’ve retweeted you, the number of links in their tweets and their overall influence. You then have to choose whether to “save” or “dump” them. The game works in such a way that that you cannot continue until you’ve made a choice. Saving someone keeps them on your friends list, dumping someone removes them altogether. Once you’ve made a choice you need to give a reason. “Reasons” are key to how the game works as they motivate others to play and let everyone know what constitutes a good tweeter.

Another key aspect of the game mechanic involves “karma”, which can be amassed by adopting people who have been dumped by other users of the app. Amass enough karma and you unlock a feature that lets you dump more than one chump a day. You can also earn badges.

ChumpDump is intended to be a bit of fun, however for those who genuinely feel their Twitter feed is getting a little clogged up, it could be a useful tool.

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