Twitter Tool Tuesday – Twitgram

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Twitgram allows you to private message other Twitter users irrespective of who is following whom and there’s no 140 character limit, so you can type away until your heart’s content.

To send someone a private message you simply visit, enter their Twitter username, compose your message and then write a tweet that will alert them to the private message.

The tweet part is integral since Twitgram works by storing your private message on its servers and tweeting a link to this message to the person you’re messaging. It’s the same principal as sending someone a link to a webpage, except in this case it’s a link to a private message you’ve written.

To ensure the privacy of messages, recipients are required to sign into Twitter via Twitgram.

Overall, the tool is a novel way to engage with other Twitter users and get them to follow you, although it doesn’t come with any guarantees as recipients do have the option of ignoring any tweets alerting them to private messages.

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