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With social media marketing finding a firm place in many companies’ marketing campaigns – and for those that aren’t already using social media marketing, the strong likelihood is they’re thinking about it – making sure you’re up-to-date with the latest techniques, ideas, developments and pitfalls is imperative.

Thanks to the rise in focus on social media marketing, there are more and more social media conferences to help you ensure you’re fully aware of what does and doesn’t work and where you should and shouldn’t put the focus for your market in social media marketing.

Here are some of the upcoming conferences for social media:

14 June – Social Media Influence, London
How to employ creative content and technological innovation to learn what your customers really care about and so move beyond the traditional campaign mentality.

29/30 June – Online marketing show, London
Not a bespoke social media conference but there will certainly be a strong presence of this latest channel.

19 September – Social Media marketing and Monitoring, London
Exploring the latest social media tools and techniques.

20 September – Social media for CEOs, London
The “ultimate social media event for CEOs and Directors”.

And if you’re looking further afield, then take a look at this list for details on which international social media conferences will be best for you and your business:

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